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Why is Halloween such a big deal? I mean, sure, parties, candy, trick or treating, all are important but the main thing about this holiday comes in the shape of dressing up, becoming someone else, even if it’s only for one night. People like to shake things up and experience new things, this day becomes the perfect opportunity to do just that, get to see what being in a different pair of shoes (or fangs) feels like.

Maybe you follow me on Instagram, most likely you don’t (and you totally should: @HenEvia) but a constant comment I’ve been getting this past year looks something like: “wow, you look like a vampire” or they just type a bat emoji (for simplicity purposes). When I started believing them, my mindset changed.

Now, every time I hear the vampire comment, or when my own friends and acquaintances tell me that I’m looking more and more like a vampire each day, I take it as a big compliment. Why? You might ask; in this era of fake tans,
Kardashian looks and “healthier” bodies, why would I want to be paler, have dark circles under my eyes and remain skinny? I’m trying to figure that out.

I know beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, I’ve read that a million times on the internet but I somehow like the vampire aesthetic and, in this social media age, it’s important to have an aesthetic, don’t you think? If mine is looking like a vampire, then I’ll embrace it and even try to boost it as much as possible. Being a vampire goes beyond the idea of a beast or a monster for me, it’s about being aloof, looking cool and interesting, looking young.

My vampirism goes beyond Halloween; truthfully, I don’t even think it’s related to it anymore but, and going back to the starting paragraph of this article, the whole idea of being something else, something more than what I am, is exciting, it gives a sense of power and that, my friends, is something we all want, no matter how big or small our life goals are.

So, if someone invites me to a costume party this year, I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll be a vampire that day, because I have to stick to my personal brand, that thing that will make me stand out. Think long and think hard, what costume will you choose for this Halloween? And, more importantly, will it be just a Halloween thing or will you take it to the next level and make it a (possibly) permanent part of you?

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