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People have hope, dreams, goals and plans, that’s all right and good but they also have fear; and that, my friends, is a strong emotion that can put a stop to all of the things I mentioned before. Fear is the one thing that paralyses you until you can’t move and I think it’s important that we learn how to face it, try to identify the things that scare us and, most importantly, why they scare us, so they start losing power and we start to gain control.

Admitting fear isn’t easy, it takes courage to acknowledge that this or that situation has power over us;

we use several mechanisms to avoid feeling: anger, humor, sarcasm, love… We fake it thinking that we’ll make it but when it comes to fear, things are a bit different.

One of the biggest fears I have is failure, not being able to achieve the things I want and stay put in mediocrity limbo. I’m an over achiever, I tend to bite more than I can chew, and that comes with a price. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, sometimes I compare my success to others’ (and that’s really unhealthy, trust me), and I start to psych myself out. So, when I stress out, I freak out, then I stress out even more. I allow that sensation of fear paralyze me and cloud my judgment. A big part of my “fear of failing” comes from asking too much out of everything: myself, others, society, the world, you name it, and not getting the things I want or the rewards I feel like I deserve.

Not knowing what comes next is stressful and difficult to handle (especially if you’re a control freak like me), it’s like being asked a million things and only giving the wrong answers. It’s not an easy road but it’s one that we definitely have to explore; quite often, the biggest obstacles in our way are ourselves.

Some days I fight my fear; others, I give in to it. I’m not saying that there’s a magical way to make fear go away (if there is, please tell me about it) but I also think that we need to work on our personalities to reduce the amount of power it has over us, taking life one day at a time and focusing on improving and reaching our goals. Doesn’t that sound nice and easy?

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