What Goes Around Come Around: Permaculture in CostaRica

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This week we arrived in Rancho Delicioso! We are starting this beautiful Surf & Permaculture retreat for 1 week in this beautiful eco-village !If you want to taste CostaRica vibes, trying  to surf, learn a bit about nature and biodiversity this is certainly the place!

Because we want to make it wild we are sleeping in a tend, it is our first time, We have to say it is perfect to share romance and intimacy … in particular under full moon… We recommend to all couples to find a nice place to camping once in life!!

In Rancho delicioso there are also beautiful beds , private rooms, and tree houses, It is a magic place! We are a group of 10 people, all coming from US, we all want to learn about permaculture and experience a bit farm life. We know most of us doesn’t know what is permaculture! We could define it as a system of agriculture and social principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in a natural ecosystem.

In early morning 6.00 am we wake up, feed the animals of the farm and have a yoga class, after we have an amazing fresh breakfast and every day we are learning some topics about permaculture: we learn with a bit of theory, but obviously the more fun is when we get our hands dirty! We learn about seeding, transplantation of different eatable plants, we learned and help in the process of composting, we are discovering so many ethical and sustainable principles that will help  any body to make their life more eco!!

We have special classes about medical plants, about fermentation, we actually made own  kombucha tea! All the food we are having here is organic food, and so delicious!

Most of the day we are learning about practices and principles to design a sustainable human setting. It could be just our home, our garden, or our family system, the idea is to observe how things interact together and prepare a fertile field so they can thrive with the less amount of energy utilized, obtaining a yield, utilizing everything as a resource, including waste of some process!

Permaculture ethic can be applied in any system, and it is really generating prosperity in a long period without side effects! Is very easy and common sense thoughts, but at the same time there is so much to learn that 1 week that we will try to use our time 100% to learn. We also are finding some time to become good surfer… but this is an other story…

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