Go Sporty: The Trendiest Sportswear of the Moment

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As we know that sport-specific clothing is worn for most sports and physical activities, for viable, comfort or safety reasons. It’s often difficult enough finding the ideal active wear for yourself, it’s a well-known fact that we all come in various shapes and sizes yet that does not mean we would prefer all not to look and feel the part while working out.

Here are the some functional considerations that are must be present in your sport wear.

  1. Sport wear should be light weight.
  2. It should be loose enough so as not to restrict movement.
  3. Sportswear design must consider the thermal insulation needs of the wearer. In hot situations, Augusta sportswear should allow the wearer to stay cool; while in cold situations, sportswear should help the wearer to stay warm.
  4. Sportswear should also be able to transfer sweat away from the skin, using, for example, moisture transferring fabric.

We’re not here to judge. We’re just here to share some of the prettiest workout-wear right now, so you can buy it all, pat yourself on the back for investing in your fitness, and then either actually go to the gym or just roaming around the city. Whatever.

Get started from the ladies, here are the different active wears that played a vital role during your workout.

  1. Non-Wired Sports Bra:

You’ll want to be one of those people who walks around in just a bra and leggings at the gym, no top.

Having the right sports bra lets you focus on your performance, so you can compete in comfort. With different levels of support, you can find the bra that is best suited for your activity.

  1. High Times Pant:

Super comfy, stretchy elevated structure fit, is perfect for any exercise where you’re bowing or contorting, or simply need to run free of anything delving into your tummy.

  1. Mesh Sports Top:

Keep in mind when sportswear became a full-on trend, and abruptly ‘just came from the gym’ was everyone’s aesthetic? Definitely, this will nail that.

You can wear it out with jeans and a statement necklace during the day, then throw it on over a sports bra if you fancy actually hitting the gym.

Best matched with a brilliantly shaded games bra that can look through.

  1. Vest Tops:

Because everyone needs a motivational top. This collection will take you from yoga to spin and all the way to coffee afterwards – hurrah!

  1. Sports Tights:

Just some straight up cool leggings. They look extra cool worn with the matching sports bra, but work perfectly with hoody in the back of your wardrobe.

  1. Training Cuff Tee:

Ideal for artsy selfies post-workout. If you’re more of a statement dresser you can go ahead and pair this top with the matching leggings, but we’ll just be wearing it with more black. Simple.

We are passionate about healthy living, clean eating and looking after your bodies. With every second counts, we create a place for you to not only buy feel good active wear, but read up on how you can make your body and mind feel better too. Dip into our blog for hints and tips towards living your best life and enjoying your gym and household chores.

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