Top 10 Girlfriend Christmas Gifts for 2017

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Appeasing a girlfriend with a gift means striking the right balance. Women love a variety of things, and they collect a lot during their shopping sprees. The caution is not to get her something that she already has in plenty in her wardrobe or home. Use your investigative skills to get more information about her lives from her girlfriends and her discretely.

The task can be a bit prickly to navigate if you just started dating. A word of advice, don’t go too big as it will make her uncomfortable. Do not go too small either as a pat on the back or nice to know you do not inspire confidence. Stick to something understated that is not too expensive.

Below are the top 10 girlfriend Christmas gifts 2017 to consider.

  1. Set of makeup brushes

It is ideal for beauty junkie types. A clean set of makeup brushes in a stylish case with a bonus gift of blush palette will work well.

  1. Cool hat

She can wear it for future weekend trips. Get her a cashmere beanie or any other type.

  1. Mini backpack

It can carry her essentials.

  1. Yoga kit

This can be an ideal gift if she loves yoga practice. Choose one with her favorite colors or a color that you know she would like.

  1. Cross-body

A cross-body handbag is the in-thing nowadays. Girls prefer them because when carrying the bag, their hands are free to do other things which is very convenient especially when they are out shopping. Buy her a stylish one, e.g. Fabienne Cuoio Vachetta.

  1. Chocolate

We all know how much women and girls love chocolate. Some chocolate for her will do nicely. You can get a 16-piece truffle collection.

  1. Stylish scarf

Scarfs are a big part of today’s fashion. Even celebrities like wearing them and girls look up to them for fashion inspiration. Buy her one and she can wear it or tie around her bag.

  1. Chanel No. 19 fragrance

It has a classic Chanel scent that is less mainstream. The fragrance has a mixture of green floral wood notes, ylang-ylang, rose, mosses, jasmine, and sandalwood.

  1. A sweater hoodie

Get her a sherpa-lined hoodie for cold weather. It will keep her warm.

  1. A women inspiration book

For example, LEAN IN by Sheryl Sandberg. The book gives her ideas on how to be assertive in life and work.

  1. Bracelet

Girls love fancy things and bracelets are one thing they enjoy putting on from when they are quite young. Get her a good bracelet to complement her wardrobe.

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