Gigi Hadid Stares at You for Four Minutes

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I am certain you remember having staring contests with your pals as a child. For no matter reason, our 9-year-old selves thought it was nice fun to lock eyes with different children for long stretches of time and simply sit there. Silently. The first person to interrupt eye contact lost the game, which meant it was so tempting to look in each other direction. What if you happen to miss something major while looking at that bizarre child from your science class? Like an ice cream truck? Or a brand new episode of SpongeBob SquarePants? Or Santa Claus coming to your own home and hand-delivering your presents? All these ideas ran through your thoughts throughout staring contests however, you caught to your weapons and emerged victorious.

Gigi Hadid, however, is a staring champ. She is a top model in any case; “smizing” is type of a requirement for the gig. In the event you do not believe me, though, behold this video of Hadid actually staring right into a digital camera for 4 consecutive minutes. It will shake your fourth grade self to the core. Hadid actually is the queen of eye contact.

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