How To Get More Likes On Musically

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The number of likes or ‘hearts’ you get on musically largely depends on the quality of work you post and the number of followers you have. Creating content that is on trend and doing covers of songs that are popular at that specific time can also act to expand your audience and generate more likes.

Other simple hacks to keep in mind include:

1. Username

Your username is the first thing that your audience will notice even before seeing your videos. Choosing the right username is imperative in the number of followers you get and consequently on the number of likes on your videos. Keep your username catchy and simple and straightforward. Also, aim to have a steady username and avoid changing it all the time.

2. Video quality

As already stated in the intro, the quality of your videos has a significant impact on the number of likes you get. Use a good quality camera or phone with a good camera. Also, ensure there is enough natural light or good general lighting when making your videos. This will make them easy to view.

3. Be consistent

Identify your niche and stick to it. If initially you start by, say, posting inspirational videos, stick to this niche and be consistent with the frequency and quality of videos you post. However, if you feel like adding more variety, try and stick to at the most two niches. This consistency allows you to build your audience and be unique.

4. Pay for likes

One of the options that are favoured by amateurs and beginners is paying for likes. There are currently many sites that charge a specific fee to give you more likes on the videos that you post. As most of these sites cannot be authenticated nor verified, the probability of you not receiving what you paid for is very high.

It is normal to have a small number of followers and likes in the beginning. However, through following the steps laid above, you will increase the number of likes as well as followers you get in no time.

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