Game Studies – 15 Lessons We Need to Learn from Animals

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From the smallest bug on your sidewalk to the majestic lion in the African Savannah, all animals can teach us priceless life lessons. If we pay keen attention, you will find that some of these lessons are derived from some of the most important values that may have escaped our minds in the hustle of our daily lives. This article will open your eyes to some of the amazing lessons that our animal friends can vividly elaborate to us.

1- The Art of Savoring the Moment

Animals are wired to live while focusing only at the moment at hand.

On the other hand, humans are often distracted by concerns about the future and thoughts about their past. The fight that you had with your wife last night or the performance review that is to happen the following day are just examples of these distracting thoughts. However, by borrowing a leaf from animals, we can learn to live and notice all the details of the present moments. By so doing, we are better placed to savor and appreciate the current events in our lives fully.

2- Heeding to Our Instincts
Animals are ever attentive and alert to their senses. In addition to this, they have the capability of responding to cues regarding their environment by trusting and acting on their instincts. We should learn to do the same instead of rationalizing everything that our instincts dictate should be noticed. By ignoring anything that our senses convey to us, we are at risk of dismissing crucial signals concerning events, circumstances and people in our lives.

3- Keeping Focused on Important Things
On the days when everything seems to be going wayward, and we retire to our homes spent and exhausted, you find that the animal companions in our homes greet us devotedly with unconditional offers of affection and love. Such indicators of patient devotion serve to remind us of the remarkable value that is found in sharing our hearts and connecting with other people.

4- Learning not to allow Words to Bog Us Down
Animals cannot speak, but even so, they still have myriads of ways to show us how much we mean to them. They do this through the many facial expressions and jovial non-verbal cues that they throw at us. Likewise, we should also learn to avoid neglecting the many different ways which we can use to portray our inner emotions. Our posture, the tone of our voices and our movements are just some of the more honest and reliable means that we can use to communicate with each other.

5- Take Some Time to Rest
When you observe the animals around your environment, you will see that they always have a window of taking a quiet moment to relax. The hawk perched in your homestead`s tree, a lion resting in a zoo and a cat taking an afternoon nap are just some of the examples of the “resting nature “of animals.

6- Playing is Good
In the middle of our busy days, we often feel the intense pressures from the fierce nature of work that we indulge in.

Getting well-deserved breaks even for just a few minutes could help to ease our minds from the workload at hand.

From Labradors and German Shepherds to leopards and timber wolves, the animals around us play routinely to lighten their days as well as to discover and invent.

7- Don`t Take Everything So Seriously
Be it rolling in catnips or even pouncing on shoelaces, animals such as cats jump to get fully absorbed in a game.

They do all this without any worry of how they will appear to the people watching them.

All this serves to show us the beauty that lies in dismissing our inner critics as well as other people`s judgment. Only by doing this can we fully embrace the times that we enjoy.

8- Learning to Avoid Attachment to Being Wrong or Right
Evolution has taught animals that in order to survive,

They need to set their eyes only on the things that matter most.

These include; finding food, resting, breeding, caring for their young ones and remaining healthy. Whenever we are inclined to follow our self-importance and sense of pride, we are at risk of losing the results and outcomes that we desire most. Learning to let go of the feeling that we’re always right allows us to focus and remain determined to acquire the things that are of most value to us.

9- Practicing Forgiveness
Animals often suffer misfortune, grief and misery but they learn to move past these memories with much more poise as compared to humans. This could be an example of funny compare and contrast topics, but it is indeed true that animals practice the principle of allowing the continuity of their lives to supersede reliving their past. Whenever deeds and words playback in our thoughts, like the animals around us, we should brush them away and give like before with patience and grace.

10- Loving Unconditionally
In the presence of our pets such as dogs and cats, there are times when we could be all alone, and we sense their concern about our feelings and thoughts. Often,

this prompts us to respond to them kindly and without any reservations just as we would do to our best friends.

Likewise, if we can choose to, we can replicate these kind gestures with one another.

11- The Essence of Working Together
Animals such as ants are the best example of this principle in action. They showcase teamwork in carrying tiny pieces of dirt to form underground tunnels as well as tackling prey in teams among many other activities. They are ever working hard just to get through a day, and they do this in teams. What can we borrow from them? The essence of valuing each other, collaborating and working together in order to coexist rather than always competing against each other.

12- Always Smile
There`s an animal by the name Quokka that’s ever scurrying through trees and stopping to take photographs with anyone that isn`t too busy.

These creatures always seem to live their days without any sign of worry in their world and they are able to do so by keeping a positive mindset,

as it were, through everything. In case you’re having a terrible day, try and think about how a Quokka would hand the situation and you will immediately break out into a smile.

13- Follow Your Path
Horses can live independently and stray from their herds whenever they have an itch of exploring by themselves. As much as they have a fanciful and majestic appearance, they are also stubborn and fierce, which propels them to search uncharted territory and makes them pave and forge their own paths.

14- Be Brave
More than most of the other animals, a lion is a clear image of resilience and strength. Lions cannot back down from any challenge and always hunt the best prey for their packs. Lions do not lurk and cower in the shadows. Instead, they like making their presence felt and still pick themselves up whenever they fall.

We can learn from lions by not allowing fear to stand in our way to reach the goals that we’ve set in life.

15- Listening More and Talking Less
Dolphins can communicate with each other through high-pitched noises that only other dolphins can recognize and interpret. However, you find that whenever one is transmitting, the one on the receiving end must be quiet and listen to comprehend the message and location of the other inside the vast waters. Humans can learn that looking to other people instead of always needing to talk could benefit their relationships better in the long run.

As much as animals are below human beings in the pecking order, it is of the essence for us to note that they have myriads of lessons that they can offer us. Among these lessons include bravery, love for one another as well as teamwork and forgiveness among many others. Above is an in-depth exposition of these lessons with a significant number of them derived from actual animal examples. Which of these lessons do you find most intriguing?

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