5 Fun Beauty Products That Are Trending

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Hair, skin and nails are currently at the center of the fastest growing businesses at the moment: the beauty industry, which according to Refinery 21 led at a growth of 12 percent in 2016.

Face masks, skincare and hygiene products are right behind it with an array of options based on texture, objective, color, and scent. It’s no longer just about using a product that will simply stop the acne. It’s also about the experience of the consumer when using the item and this sales tactic has generated a broader spectrum to choose from when shopping for certain skin products, and these seem to be some of the most current and relevant for good-smelling, soft skin, soothing fun.

1 – Peel-off mask:

Not only is it great for peeling out dead skin and helping pores breathe, but it also assists in getting rid of blackheads, which prevents acne. The “black” mask is made from charcoal, and while many use it just on areas propense to breakouts or clogged pores, others use it on their entire face, giving themselves a full cleanse.

2 – Foam soap:

While it comes in a bottle and is extremely convenient, it’s also safe in the shower from preventing a slip and fall like regular bar soaps. Kneipp, which is also vegan, sells amazing scents such as lemon, mint & avocado (all in one scent), Nothing is more fun than a foamy, refreshing shower.

3 – Bath bomb:

You can find an array of these at Lush. They’re the perfect asset to a warm, relaxing bath, delivering fresh or floral scents. Some are quite risqué with names such as ‘Sex Bomb’ with an aphrodisiac jasmine soak, while others such as ‘Twighlight’ soothes the body and helps it release stress.

4 – Lip plumper

The ‘Pillow Plump XXL’ gloss from Soap & Glory truly works. Very few times do these products deliver with their promises of pouty lips, but Soap & Glory created this amazing gloss that helps with visible results that last about 30 minutes. At first, you start feeling the tingling sensation with just a few minutes of application. It’s a must-try!

5 – Bubble oxygen mask

Also made from charcoal, this mask bubbles and turns into a big, cloudy, foamy blob while on your face. Not only is it comical and fun for sleepovers or beauty nights with friends, but it also calms breakouts by killing acne-causing bacteria. More than actual health benefits, it just delivers laughs and a good time – and perhaps some Snapchat selfies.

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