From women for women: the courage of Yoon Jioh and Kang Kyungyoon.

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This time around pictures come before talking. Looking at these two women, the first thing that may come to mind is that they’re beautiful:

and they are. However, they’re not only beautiful when it comes to their appearance. You know what they say: there’s more than meet the eyes. These two women are one of the many faces on the feminist movement in South Korea, not because they are protestors, activist, or part of #MeToo movement, but female voices who rose higher than anyone else against the rampant sexism in the South Korean society. Two women who are playing a significant role in their respective stories.


Yoon Jioh is a witness. Ten years ago Jang Jayeon, a South Korean actress, committed suicide after being abused by 31 men. At the time Jayeon left behind a list with all their names; however, according to the prosecutor, there wasn’t enough evidence and the case was closed. Now, Yoon Jioh stood up and named three journalists who covered the evidence and one politician as sexual harasser involved in Jang Jayeon’s case making it be eventually re-opened.



If a new chapter started thanks to a woman, another story is yet starting thanks to Kang Kyungyoon, an SBS reporter who exposed some entertainer involved in prostitution, police bribery and drug trafficking. Her impact was so intense she brought to light important names, the scandal also exposed many k-pop artist and entertainer as well, who not only used private chatroom to joke about non-consensual sex but who also used to film themselves having sex with unconscious women and then share the videos in their not-so-private chatroom. In a recent interview, she explained how important it is for those who can to speak on behalf of the victims to protect their identities: “ of course they want the offenders to be punished, but they are scared to reveal their identities. I, myself, have received hate emails from supporters of the men involved. This is a serious issue, is a crime. There are victims, and they are suffering. I’ll continue investigating and revealing the truth protecting the women who are afraid to speak ”.

Protecting the victims, fighting for justice, even putting themselves at risks, Kang Kyungyoon and Yoon Jioh are raising their heads, going against a society who sometimes still sees women as sexual objects. There’s infinite bravery in what they are pursuing, raising their voices inspiring others to do the same, opening possibilities for those who are scared or oppressed. Their views can become the one of those who doesn’t have one, and their names should be remembered, always, especially when you are afraid to speak, using their voice instead and one day, starting from Kyungyoon and Jioh, or maybe starting from a mother’s voice or even your own, women all over the world will find their voices and will raise their heads as one.


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