From Peru To Bolivia

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FlipYourWorld has crossed the border and reached a new country: here we are in Bolivia!

We were a bit sad to leave our place in Sacred valley , but Bolivia peopole are very kind, we feel at home also here. We visited lake Titicaca , the larger lake of South America, that is located half in Peru and Half in Bolivia. It is more than 3000m over the sea level in the hearth of Andes mountain.
Beside the land scape that is beautiful, because of the colors and the snowed mountains, we wanted to visit this place because of the energy and the magic tradition that it keeps!

Civilizations before Incas were living here, making the shore of the lake important for commerce and agriculture. More over the Inca legend speak about this place like the origin of first human being, so there are temple ruins.

The center of Lake Titicaca, on the Bolivian side, there is the famous Isla del Sol, a thiny island that it’s believed to be a very magnetic energy portal, in specific they consider it one of the chackra of the earth, the one of creation and sexuality, the sacral chackra.

Connecting the old leggend of Inca, and the modern new age belived, they seems to match because the “creation” of the chackra, representing the feminine energy gave birth to humanity in this place!

Defenetly visiting Isla del Sol you can feel the charm of the place, the island is all mountain, the water every where around is calm and deep. There are no car in the island, everything is transported by donkey and lama, and this make the place even more charming! We spent a night in the south part of the island, in the little village called Yumani, we had a view of an unforgettable sunset, the colours where changing every moment from yellow orange to purple and pink, amazing! Unfortunately we couldn’t visit the north part of the island because it is more than one year that the 2 norther villages are in a dispute and they blocked the passage for protesting! On the north of the island there are some sacred ruins that we would have love to visit…… so this mean we have to come back here!!

By the way, just the south of the island was worth to spend a night there and hike to the ruins and to the beautiful port.

We will keep going to south and visit more Bolivia!


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