Friday Interview With Scarlet Gruber

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Good Morning Americanoizers! For our regular column this week we have interviewed Scarlet Gruber! Actress, model and dancer, this Venezuelan artist is going to answer our questions! Check them out!

1 What’ s your preferred Tv series?

House of Cards

 2 What’s the coolest thing you have never done?

Play twin sisters in the show “Cosita Linda”

3 What’s the scariest thing you have ever done?

Swim in the ocean at night (I kind of love it)

4 Who is the living woman you admire the most?

My mother

5 Who is the living woman you detest most?

I don’t detest anyone, thankfully.

6 What do you usually buy on the duty free?

Sunglasses and chocolate

7 What’s the most romantic thing a guy can do for a girl?

Surprise her with a trip somewhere she’ll love.

8 Do you have any tattoos?


9 What’s there in your bag?

My cellphone, wallet, concealer, mascara, lipgloss, and hand sanitizer

10 How do you classify your style?

Elegant hippie

11 Who are your style icons?

Sarah Jessica Parker

12 Who is your dream co-star?

Marion Cotillard and Edgar Ramirez

 13 Are you good a liar?

Only when I’m acting… I am actually a terrible liar because I blush when I’m nervous

14 How many cities have you lived in?

Caracas, Bogotá, Arequipa, Mexico City, Madrid, and Miami

15 What’s your preferred color?


16 What time do you go to bed?

11 pm

17 Do you sleep with your makeup?


18 At what time do you wake up?

7:30 am

19 Who is the first person you call for a good news?

My mom

20 How many hours do you train per week?

As many hours as I can dance

21 The part of your body you love most?

My eyes

22 The part of your body you love less

I am happy with my body

23 Chicken, Sashimi, or Chikpeas?


24 Coffee or Tea?


25 Sport or Chilling out?

Chilling out

26 How to make a man laugh?

Doing my happy dance

27 What is your most used emoji?

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