Friday Interview With HitmakerChinx

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Rafael Martin, aka HitmakerChinx, is an Artist, Dj & Prod., actor and creative director. You might have heard about the “Flex Dance Music” and yes, he is one of the talented artists who can best dance it. This type of dance is an all-in-one music movement and you have for sure seen it performed by Nicki Minaj or Madonna.

For this Friday Interview With article we have picked him and asked him 30 questions. Check them out!

1.What’s the coolest thing you have never had the chance to do?

Never seen blue water

2.What’s the scariest thing you have ever done?

Watching my brother evade the cops in the passenger seat

3.What do you like on your pizza?

Chicken n pineapple

4.Do you have any tattoos?

Yes two sleeves n my chest

5.Something you are always in trouble with?

Never in trouble

6.Who are your style icons?

Rick Owens, Asap Rocky, Habby Jacques, Marcelo Burlon

7.Are you a good liar?

Takes to much energy only when its necessary

8.How many cities have you lived in?

A lot but realistically 2, L.A. and N.Y.C

9.If you were Bernie Maddof what would you do in your spare time?

Write sorry letters

10.Who is the first person you call for a good news?

My agent

11.If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?

Super strength, invisibility, speed and flight

12.Which was the biggest moment of your carrier?

Traveling the world on tour with Rihanna

13.At what time do you wake up?

That would mean I sleep

14.Your inspiring book?

The secret

15.Your inspiring food?

Vegan, Caribbean food

16.Your inspiring film?

Straight out of Compton

17.Is it better make love drunken or sober?

Both i love sex

18.Your cure for the hangover?

Weed n sleep

19.Water, Coke, or Chablis?


20.Chicken, Sashimi, or Chikpeas?

Chickpeas when I am feeling vegan, Chicken any other time

21.Baby Bok Choy, potatoes, or artichoke?


22.Car or Bike?

Depends… car most likely

23.Sport or Chilling out?


24.What is the best lesson your parents gave to you?

Never give up and take pride in how you dress

25.What is your first habit as you wake up?

Check my email

26.What is the best place in the world?

Tropical island // haven’t been yet so at the moment my dreams

27.How to make a woman/man laugh?

I make woman laugh by being my self

28.What is your most used emoji?


29.If you were OJ Simpson what would you do?


30.If you were Donald Trump what would you do?

Wake up from that horrible nightmare

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