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For the first of many exclusive interviews on Americanoize, today we are having a quick exchange with the actor and director Giacomo Gianniotti! Originally from Rome, Italy, he immigrated with his family at a young age and grew up in Toronto. Giacomo splits his time in the year between Toronto, Canada and Rome,  working in: stage, film, and television. He is a bilingual actor working both in English and Italian. Does he look familiar? That is because you might have seen him as Doctor DeLuca in Grey’s Anatomy. So, ready to get to know him? Just keep reading!

1- What’ s your favorite Tv series?

House of Cards.

2- What’s the coolest thing you have never done?

Base Jumped with a wing suit.

3- What’s the scariest thing you have ever done?

Bungee Jumped off the 6th Tallest bridge in the world near the Chinese border.

4- Who is the living man  you admire the most?

Besides my father, Neil deGrasse Tyson.

5- Who is the living woman you detest the most?

I would have to say at the moment, Betsy DeVos. My mother is in education and we have both been so appalled with what she is putting in motion for the future of education. Absolutely criminal.

5- Part 2 What living woman do you admire the most?

Besides my mother, Robin Wright. What a stunning actress, and I love all that she stands up for. A strong and talented woman indeed.

6- Can you tell me some misconceptions US Citizens have about Canadians?

We all speak like we’re from Minnesota… Definitely not true.

7- What do you like on your pizza?

Margherita. Don’t ruin a classic.

8- What’s the most romantic thing a girl can do for you?

Take me to a concert of a Musician I obsess over.

9- Something you are always in trouble with?

Organizing my appointments and time. I always have too much on the go. I need an assistant! But god help that person if it ever comes to that. Haha.

10- How do you classify your style?

Every day is different. I dress how I feel or for where I need to be.

11- Who are your style icons?

Keith Richards.

12- Who is your dream co-star?

Dustin Hoffman.

13- How many cities did you live in?

Rome, Toronto, Los Angeles.

14- If you were a superhero, what kind of superpower would you like to have?

Flight. Only flight.

15- The biggest moment of your carrier?

Grey’s Anatomy for sure.

16- Who is the first person you call for a good news?

My grandmother usually. Nonna Paola.

17- Your inspiring book?

I’m weird I read lots of different books, my guilty pleasure I guess is Dan Brown books. Sorry.

18- Your inspiring food?

Risotto alla crema di Scampi.

19- Your inspiring film?


20- Chicken, Sashimi, or Chikpeas?


21- Best summer of your life?

This summer. Travelled Italy and shot a movie I produced and Starred in. Pretty epic summer.

22- What is the best lesson your parents gave to you?

Do what you love.

23- What is your first habit as you wake up?

Coffee, and newspaper.

Newspaper & Cup of Coffee

24- What is the thing you don’t know and you want to learn?


25- What is the most delicious place in the world?

Italy, if course.

26- How to make a woman laugh?

Be silly. Don’t be afraid to be a fool.

27- What is the best gift you have received in your life?

Music. Music has always been the greatest gift. Music has shaped all the decisions I’ve made, music has raised me.

28- What is your most used emoji?  👌🏾

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