Friday Interview with Cristina Musacchio

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Happy Friday Americanoizers! Today we interviewed for you, as part of our regular column “Friday Interview with” the influencer Cristina Musacchio! Travelling, fashion, shopping, and dreams are what she is sharing with her followers. She is a law student who is not afraid to show her ideas of style, strong and sweet at the same time.
An Italian influencer and a globetrotter, full-time blogger and trendsetter – are you ready to check her answers out?

1 What do you usually buy on the duty free?

Shoes and handbags

2 Do you have any tattoos?

No, I don’t

3 What’s there in your bag?

An eye contour gel, black sunglasses by Céline and the phone extra charger

4 How do you classify your style?

My look is really personal and versatile. It changes accordingly with my mood. I like mixing female and male clothing on me!

5 Who are your style icons?

My style icon is Kate Moss

6 Best moment in your life?

Best moment in my life was the Red Carpet at the Venice Film Festival

7 Are you good a liar?

Not at all

8 How many cities have you lived in?

As of now I have only lived in three

9 The 5 TOP things in your life list?

My family, my pets, my true friends, the food (Im super greedy) and travel

10 If you were Melanie Trump what would you do?

I would say my husband is getting everything wrong

11 What’s your preferred colour?


12 Preferred cocktail?

Aperol spritz

13 If you were a superhero, what the superpower be?

Time travel

14 What time do you go to bed?

At 2 am. That’s crazy I know!

15 Do you sleep with your makeup on?

No, I don’t but sometimes after coming back from a long night like clubbing then I do it

16 At what time do you wake up?


17 Who is the first person you call for a good news?

My mom

18 Your inspiring food?


19 Do you think you are strong?

Yes I do

20 Better make love drunken or sober?

Better sober

21 How many hours do you train?

Too few

22 The part of your body you love most

My lips

23 The part of your body you love less

I exactly like myself as I am

24 Water, Coke, Coffee or Chablis?

Coffee all life long

25 Would you like bungee jump?

Yes, I want to try it!

26 What is your favorite cereal?

Choco krave

27 What is the thing you don’t know and you want to learn?

I would like to learn how to pole dance

28 What is your most used emoji?


29 How difficult was it to answer these questions?

Extremely easy, unless the Melania trump question

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