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For the second of our exclusive interviews on Americanoize, today we are having a talk with the gorgeous Aaron Diaz.  Aarón Díaz Spencer is a Mexican actor, singer, musician and artist. Aaron studied acting in LA and after becoming internationally famous with Telenovela lead roles, in November 2011, Díaz made his debut in an American television show in the ABC series Pan Am.In 2016, Díaz was cast in the ABC thriller series Quantico.

1 – Can you tell me some misconceptions Americans have about your Country?

I’m Mexican-American so I know very well that both sides have some dumb misconceptions.

2 – Can you tell me some misconceptions that your Countries have about America?

Mexicans are not all short brown and with a mustache and Americans aren’t all fat burger eating rednecks.

3 – What’ s your preferred Tv series?

The one I’m filming at that time.

4 – What’s the coolest thing you have never done?

There are lots of cool things I have done and plenty others I haven’t… But I’m one to do things when I feel it, so I’m sure I’ll be doing those cool things I haven’t soon.

5- Who is the living woman you admire the most?

My mother.

6 – Who is the living woman you detest the most?

Fortunately, I don’t detest anyone.

7 – What do you usually buy when you are in a duty free area?

Chocolates for my daughters.

8 – What’s the most romantic thing a guy can do for a girl?

I think romance should be an every day thing. Something that comes natural and not something planed out.

9 – Do you have any tattoos?

Yes I do.

10 – Who is your dream co-star?

There are way too many incredible actors and actrices to have just one. I like to work with different people in every project I do.

11 – Are you good a liar?

Only when I get paid to.

12 – How many cities have you lived in?

Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Miami, NY.

13 – Preferred cocktail?

I prefer it straight than a cocktail.

14 – If you were a superhero, what would be your superpower?


15 – Who is the first person you call for a good news?

My loved ones.

16 – Your inspiring book?

Almost Paradise.

17 – Your inspiring food?

Home cooked food.

18 – Your inspiring film?

Too many to chose from.

19 – Is It Better to make love when drunk or sober?

Always a good time for love.

20 – How many hours do you train weekly?

Every week is different. Sometimes 0 sometimes 4 or anywhere in between.

21 – Which is The part of your body you love most?

I’m pretty comfortable with my body as it is.

22 – Water, Coke, or Chablis?


23 – Baby Bok Choy, potatoes, or artichoke?


24 – What is the best lesson your parents gave to you?

To work hard for what you want and to always be nice to others.

25 – What is your first habit as you wake up?

Kiss my three girls good morning.

26 – What is the thing you don’t know and you want to learn?

There are soooo many things I don’t know and I want to learn it all!

27 – What is your most used emoji?

28 – What is  the best gift you have received in your life?

Family and health.

Bonus Question: The day before the day before yesterday is three days after Saturday. What day is it today?

Jajajaja the day before Saturday. Or FRIYAY.

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