Reviewing a Restaurant? Ordering Dinner? There are Food Emojis for That.

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If emojis convey our every thought, our every emotion, it is not too far-fetched a concept that they also convey our taste in food. Unicode Consortium already revealed 2017’s new line of emojis, which includes 13 food emojis like the dumpling and sandwich, while considering more food options for 2018.

Which begs the question: Can food emojis transcend their cutesiness and become a formal messaging tool?

Say you are at a restaurant and you want to send out a quick review. Rather than taking photos (and waiting too long until you get the best shot as your food gets cold), writing a lengthy analysis, and citing your approval or disapproval with nondescript stars, you string together food and emotion emojis which speak for themselves.

Additionally, say you place an order at your favorite restaurant online. Instead of going through all the necessary steps, maybe an app can figure out what you want just by, again, an appropriate chain of food emojis. Simpler yet would be the restaurant receiving a text with your order defined by food emojis.
Not surprisingly, food emojis already play an important marketing role for restaurants as they base campaigns, specials, even menus around them. Gaggan—named Asia’s No. 1 restaurant for a third year in a row—presents its guest literally a menu with 25 emojis, each representing a specific dish. After they finish, waiters offer diners a text-based menu that describes what dish each emoji represented.

Simply put, food emojis provide the greatest relatability between image and intention that can revolutionize how we talk about food. Emojis: can’t communicate without them and, who knows, maybe you won’t be able to eat without them as well.

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