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We did it!! Finally we started our journey around the world and inside our within! We left security and comfort to become vagabond and wild. I’m Elena, 34 years old, yoga teacher and my husband Antonio 28, an Italian chef. After 5 years living in Miami, working and enjoying our South  Beach, out of the blue we had an illumination: is everything ending here? Just doing what we are good at, just earning money and build credit ?? Is this OUR happiness? We found the answer was “NO! There is much more out there ” we looked into each other eyes: we were so lucky that this happened to both of us at the same time… it really means it was the right moment!

So we sold everything, (most of it on offer app)  and we book our round world trip with airtrek.com we choose the itinerary looking for wild and adventure places, beautiful beaches and undiscovered nature, but also spiritual and energetic sites, new horizon where  we can build maybe in the future a new life.

It was not easy, the hardest part was leaving our home in Miami, our comfort zone! we really changed our prospective and we will live around the globe for at least one year with only a backpack!

We want to feel other kind of satisfactions doing volunteer and discovering other skills about ourselves that are maybe hidden! Have you ever thought  “I wish I could have the time to do that course……?” or have you ever dream “I wish I could live in that place!”


Whatever we want to experiment we will look the time and the place to try it! Wherever we always wanted to go we had included it on our itinerary. Once in life it is not going to be about the money, it will be about us: focus ourselves in our personal growth.

We want to transform ourselves in different way, learning how to create a new lifestyle more sustainable for our planet, more fun, less stress. We wish to open ourselves, transforming everyday in who We want to become! Let’s try to turn our reality upside down just because if you want you can! This is our spirit! We are not sure what to expect, we just are trying to explore life everyday with enthusiasm and smiling.

Our project is to document this transformation journey on a blog, maybe we will inspire some body else to do it!
If you want to follow us www.flipyourworld.org, our Instagram and our Facebook!

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