Flip Your World – Part 2

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After the detachment from comfort, secure job and our cozy home, we are on the most exciting part, starting the trip! First stop : Santiago de Compostela, in Spain.
Just one little detail, to get there we are not taking any vehicle we are just walking with our backpack! Indeed Santiago is famous pilgrim path, probably the oldest in Europe. The full path is around 800k but we started from Burgos, little less than 500k from Santiago.

Walk Eat Sleep Repeat !

We wake up around 6.00 am every morning, pack our stuff in the dark, to not disturb other pilgrims sleeping, we start walk when is still night, humid and freeking cold. About 8.00am we assist every morning to sunrise: some are breath taking. We stop to eat or rest few times, in total we walk daily for 6-8 hours. When we arrive to our stop for the night, we look for hostels, than we prepare our beds and we shower. After we handwash our clothes, we rest a bit: Antonio fall asleep few hours, and I have time for my meditation and yoga stretching to release my sore muscles from the walk.
Around 6.00-7.00 pm Antonio prepare some dinner, if where we are there is a grocery shop and a kitchen that can be used, instead we go to the restaurant, there are always Pelegrins menu for only 10€! Wherever we eat we always share with new friends that we met that day along the  way.

This is the daily routine for one month. The question is WHY DOING THIS ??

Some people does it for faith, some others to get a time off from their ordinary life and clear the mind and others just to take the physical challenge of walking everyday!

About us, We decided it was an adventure way to start our world round trip because it would have strengthened us to live in the simple way and gradually shift us from the big city to the jungle!

In the practice, this challenge is really helping us on focusing on the here and now: just realizing we have no duties beside walking, this is transforming our reality! We live in the present moment, the nature that is surrounding us with sound, light, temperatures, under our feet the way changes from grass to ground, rocks and leaves, the sounds of the birds and wind trough the tree leaves goes along while the landscapes change from flat to curves and the colors of fall are painting everything around. We walk at our own pece finding a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Saying “few kilometers”, after you walk, will not be the same distance anymore!
We are starting appreciating little things like walking hand by hand, looking in each other eyes, exchange a few worlds and smiles with strangers and telling to all the people we cross in the path “buen Camino!!”

Actually, best part is the people from all over the world that we met along the way: men or women, old or young, by themselves or in couples, in family, in groups….you feel you are never alone, starting different chats with the most generous, interesting, and inspiring people!

For now, we just discover one of the most important thing:

“We are all pilgrims on a way called LIFE”

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