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Even if we are traveling we couldn’t stop and celebrate Christmas, because it is a “long Holiday” and it’s charming , with all the lights and the good wishes…
Actually this is the xmas we were looking for! After more than 4 years together this is the first time we are spending Xmas and all the hollidays together , celebrating, without working!!! We were wating for this so much!!

Beside that, no matter where you are in the world, as long as you are spending time with who you love, it’s going to be a magic Xmas.

We are still in Casa Girasol in Peru, we organized a beautiful Xmas eve dinner with all vegetarian food prepared between us, there were our friends from Austalia that are traveling the world, Daniella, a yoga teacher from Colorado that moved in the sacred valley and all our volountieers Cristian from California, Mateo from Scotland, Iana from Romania, Micke from Oregon, Georgia from Australia and Dan from Hawaii, they are all arrived in Peru but they are staying here indefinitely!!

We are creating our own Christmas atmosphere by decorating a Cactus and putting on Christmas song all the time! We went to The market and bought a lot of fresh food and we spend the 23rd preparing different dishes from different Christmas tradition! We blessed our food and our company, and we had a delicious Christmas Eve, we sing some kirtan music! It was a family and friends Christmas …….

About Christmas Day….. we countine to eat ….. we realize, like everyone else that is not good eating too much!!!
So now we are on a detox diet, a lot of coca leaves tea and soups!!!
As present we bought each other a homemade warm alpaca sweater and we decided to make a list of things we wish to give to the world, something not material that we are able, or maybe we need to improve on giving out to the world……

Sometimes giving is better than reciving!

I really can describe it, but it was the best time ever, maybe because we finally spend the Holiday in love and harmony, without the rush of working even if we were far away from our family, but all the people and the energy surrounding us were making us feeling at home.

Home is where your hearth is.

Beside we have “pieces” of our hearth in Italy and in Miami we felt we are in the right place to connect with the real sense of Christmas, mentally taking our time to rest and celebrate, spiritually for recreating a place that you feel safe, loved and in harmony!

We hope everybody celebrated their own special Christmas and we are getting ready for the new year!!!

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