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Here we are in Bolivia! La Paz is beautiful, because it extends on a mountain deserts, so there are downhill and uphill everywhere. The best place to admire  the view is taking a “funicolare” and enjoy the city from above, and without traffic!

We went to visit the Twianaco ruins and Pumapunko, a very advanced civilization that were in this upland even before the Inca! They were so thecnology advanced that their stones have magnetic propertiy and they were positioning them so exactly with maths geometry and astrological position that neather now they could do the same job!

But the best of Bolivia to visit it is nature.  Bolivia has the amazon jungle at east, and the Youma forest in the Andeans mountains. We went to Youngas and the crosses with an excursion the so called “” the most dangerous road in the world! Biking all day through it is a very adrenaline experience!!!

More over we moved south and we crossed all the Salar de Uyuni, a unique place: it is a huge salt desert in the upland of Bolivia, some parts have a bit of water on the ground and the optical effect is unique!
We stayed few nights in the desert traveling with a Jeep and a crew of European : a Croatian, 2 Belgians and a French.  Our guide from Bolivia was also our driver, and took us around the National Park around the desert, we visited lagoons, a sea lagoon, a green lagoon and a colour one!

We also have been around the llamas, rocks desert, called Salvador Dali’ desert, and we went to a particular sharpen rocks, and one morning we woke up before sunrise to get very early in the valley of gaisers, we saw a unique sunrise in the Deseret with all the vapors from the inside of the earth, it was very suggestive ……  amazing.



Bolivia is very rich in natural parks and reserves, the tour was respecting the nature and the biodiversity! so many things in just 2 days!

We slept also in a salt hotel in the middle of Salt desert where the Dakar race passed trough!!!

We weren’t expecting but in the upland desert it is very warm during a sunny day and super cold during the night!!!
From the green lagoon there is a Vulcans chain that define the board line with Chile , we crossed some beautiful valley between Vulcans and our Journey will continue in an other Country……

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