Fidget Spinners: Accesorizing Modern Life’s Accessory

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Fidget Spinners represent an incredible life accessory fad for the modern, Millenial age. A fad that – much to its credit – finds different ways of keeping its presence in the marketplace new and interesting.
Gone are the days of only finding simplistic, rounded-edge spinners that cause a certain uninspired reaction from anyone older than 10. Now, spinners can carry LEDs that make it glow three different colors while spinning. There are ornate, attention-grabbing spinners that seem more like art pieces than anything else. You can also find physics-driven double pendulum spinners, which carries two bearings on two moving arms. This ornateness also led to spinner accessories. Want a spinner with bearings of different colors, metal ridges, or licensed logos? Want spinners with different pivots? There are accessories for that.

Beyond the physical aspect, different industries use spinners for different purposes. Physicians expound on the relaxing nature of spinners as a way of disengaging the stress-based fidgeting that everyday life doles out. Moreover, spinners can offer an outlet for those with anxiety issues and ADHD complications to soother their symptoms.
Yet, a totally unexpected innovation is bringing the fidget spinner into fashion. Yes, you read that right. Fidget spinners may be creeping into the fashion industry as a high-end accessory. Don’t believe me? Well, at the designer’s recent Spring 2018 fashion show in New York, a model sported a fidget spinner on a long chain. Before could question its authenticity, Tory Burch’s PR team confirmed it was part of the show, even highlighting that the label’s logo was in the middle of the spinner.

Need more evidence that spinners can permeate fashion? Then, turn to Exhibit B: Kendall Jenner. Recently caught wearing an appropriately tailored, male-styled suit, Kendall held a fidget spinner as she walked along the street. No, the spinner was not any color. Rather, it was green with spaces of red and white similar to her suit.

Fidget spinners consistently find new life, new purposes to carry its fad over longer. That fashion was one such purpose certainly surprises.

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