Why Fetishism Is The Most Normal Thing Of All

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A lot of people have secret kinks or taboos that they like in the bedroom. However, they’d never reveal those things in the light of day. But the reality of the situation is that there is no set notion of sexual normalcy.

People judge themselves are humiliated by the things that get their rocks off, but they should be proud of it.

There’s nothing wrong with having an affinity for feet, talking dirty, fishnets or liking to be submissive. Others prefer exhibitionism – and why shouldn’t you want to strut your gorgeous stuff?

There’s no reason to be modest. Life is too short for that.

And if you think you’re the only one that’s into weird bedroom moves, you’d be sorely mistaken.

This is 2018, after all!

In a recent study in The Journal of Sex Research, almost half of people have “abnormal” sexual tendencies, and about a third engaged in at least one, proving that there is no average when it comes to this intimate field. Having fantasies is a perfect healthy expression of your sexuality, and repressing them will lead to way more issues than being proud of them will.

There are much less issues associated with sexual liberation and openness than there are with denial and a lack of introspection on the topic.

These taboos are actually associated with a diversity of sexual interests and a higher rate of satisfaction in their sex lives, which means being able to keep the spark alive in your relationships for long.

While there are clear contexts and situations in which some fetishes shouldn’t be enacted, behind closed doors and with all parties consenting, the sky is the limit.

What may have been labelled by conservatives as a disorder is now simply referred to as a broader sexual interest.

It’s not considered a mental illness as it used to be, so we need to dismantle the surrounding stigma ASAP.

People need to do their research to fully understand that there’s nothing wrong with their desires and fantasies – they just need to read the studies for proof! There’s also nothing wrong with trying new things if you’ve only gone the vanilla route previously.

Another important note: if you don’t let your freak flag fly early on in a relationship (casual or serious), you’ll never experience the orgasmic delights that you wholeheartedly deserve.

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