Female Fashion Entrepreneurs Changing the Way We Shop

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Even if Fashion continues to be a male-dominated business, it seems like lots of the most noteworthy improvements in latest memory have come from ladies (which you know we’re here for!). Female entrepreneurs have been on the market making the change they—and clients—wish to see happen. Take a look at the top 3 Female Entrepreneurs that are evolving the way we shop!

1. Ghizlan Guenez

After spending thirteen years working in finance, Ghizlan Guenez felt a calling to launch her personal fashion retail platform. Sure, that looks like a broad stroke, however for her—a Muslim girl—getting dressed presented a every day challenge:

“The Modist came from a real and authentic place,”

she says, noting how it was hard to piece together modest kinds for the workplace.  The Modist now provides items that fill that void, from luxurious brands like Marni and Ellery, all in one place. Consider it as the net-a-porter.com for modest ladies.

2. Kathryn Retzer

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When she decided to start her personal business, 11 Honoré, a retail web site that sells designer clothes in sizes 10 to 20, she turned to her former colleagues and fellow style entrepreneurs.

“Meredith was like, ‘Wait, these high-end designers within the contemporary space don’t exist [in plus sizes]?,’” she remembers. “And Lauren was like, ‘I can’t imagine no one is doing this.’”

With the assistance of co-founder (and former HL Group executive) Patrick Herning, although, Retzer is out to alter the plus-size market once and for all.

3. Katrina Lake

Though Stitch Fix, the famous box clothing by subscription company, is 6 years old, the business just had a game-changing season: it launched plus-size and a luxury section of new brands. This made headlines when a New York Times article reported sales of $730 million for the previous year. The “bravo” greeting goes to the founder Katrina Lake, who “started the business feeling like,

‘Hey, I am a busy woman, I love fashion, and yet at the same time, I don’t have time to look at the new arrivals of every site every day, and I don’t have time to go to the mall on a Saturday,’”

she stated.

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