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In the past, Google was known for helping people do a lot of things, but fashion is not among them. However, soon the search giant could also be known as your personal stylist. Google has introduced a new feature referred to the style ideas whose aim is to assist you to match your style by suggesting which outfit matches with which.

Assume you have spotted a pair of shoes and you are not sure which dress, handbag, or a pair of jeans will go well with it. You may also be shopping for sunglasses, and you are not sure which outfit is best for the particular item.

All you will have to do is to tap on the shoe or the sunglasses’ image, and then go down to the style ideas provided. You will see images of similar pairs of shoes or the pair of sunglasses worn with different matching outfits where you will get your inspiration.

Once you search a particular product, the feature will display other related products. For example, if you search for a specific dress, you get an image grid of different dresses other than the one you were searching for and who knows, you may find the other dresses to be better than the one you searched for and could end up changing your mind. Also, you would probably find the one that fits your budget better and decide to get it.

Earlier, if one needed a style idea on the Internet, you had to consult Pinterest, but Google has now made things easier for everyone. The best thing about the feature is that you can access it with your android phone. This means that you can use it from anywhere and anytime. It will be user-friendly and fast. If you wish to buy an outfit as a gift for someone else, you will not have to worry about buying things that do not match their style.

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