Fashion Trends for 2018

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Like clockwork, the dawn of a new year has everyone on the lookout for a way to update their style. What’s on deck in the fashion world this year? Last year saw the trends of athletic wear as everyday-wear, 90’s inspired pieces, and lots of sneaker action, just to name a few. This year, we’re anticipating a plethora of stylish jackets, a new take on denim, pops of patterns, and a new ‘it’ color as the fashion trends for 2018.

1. Menswear Blazers

The big blazers appear to be here to stay. There’s something powerful about their structure– be it over tailored pants, jeans, or even dress. This trend picked up this past year, but momentum seems to be growing as this stylish staple took over runways across the board for Spring 2018.

2. Denim is Dying

Or, at the very least, denim is changing. The skinny jeans as we’ve known them for the past decade or so appear to be undergoing a transformation. The tried and true classic denim with less stretch and give are experiencing a massive comeback. Pair them with chunky sneakers or slides and you’ll be at the helm of 2018 fashion trends.

3. Transparency Isn’t Going Anywhere

The subtle sheerness effect that has been dancing across runways and city streets alike will continue to change the fashion game this year. Whether layered, embellished, or embroidered, the trend of transparent fashion has quite the fan following.

4. Fashion is History

We mean this literally. Last year, drawing inspiration from the ‘90s was the movement: chokers, slips, vibrant workout wear. 2018 will keep pulling from the past as well with ‘60s-esque florals, ‘70s inspired fringe, and silhouettes reminiscent of decades long past.

5. Checks It Out

From herringbone to gingham to plaid and plain-out checkered, this print has pushed its way back in style. And really, what’s not to love? It’s somehow classic and contemporary all at once. Checks can be layered on top of one another or paired with solids or floral prints for a more fashion-forward look.

6. Mules and Slides

The super high heels can be put to rest (as all our feet collectively sigh in relief.) The foot fashion trends for 2018 are leaning toward a more modest height, but bold and sleek styles. From clogs to slides to mules, your feet will thank you as you rock this trend. Perfect with dresses, ankle-skimming jeans, or trousers, this strain of shoe fortifies the overarching theme of 2018 style: fashion-forward, but comfort is key.

7. Millennial Lavender

After a year of drowning in #millennialpink, I think all of us are ready to usher in another color. Enter Lavender. This pastel perfection fits in seamlessly with its rose-colored counterpart, offering a fresh and romantic tone to fashion trends for 2018. Try out an oversized lavender blazer, sheer blouse, or knit sweater as we experience the colder months.

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