Paris Jackson and The Matching Tattoos

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Matching tattoos for couples are a modern way to show someone how you feel about them. Love is a beautiful thing, and it is what defines humanity and so when you have this feeling towards someone whether you are married or dating you should always show it off.

Paris Jackson unveiled the latest addition to her body art collection Saturday, after she and godfather Macaulay Culkin got matching spoon tattoos at West Hollywood’s Tattoo Mania parlor.

Paris Jackson and her godfather Macaulay Culking

A tattoo is a permanent mark, and so it will show your better half that you want what you have to last forever.

The query manifests when your relationship comes to an end and you want to delete not only your relationship but all its consequences, including that skin-proof memory.

The solutions could be to to completely cover it with another bigger tattoo, to laser it or to modify with another no-significance drawing.

Every time  you think it’s forever, make it in little dimensions or sharply opened to other interpretations.

Katy Perry and Rusell Brand

Beyonce and Jay Z

Victoria Beckam and David Beckam

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