Falling for culottes

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It seems impossible but the term “culotte” has been around for thousands of years. Initially they were pants that reached below the knee, worn by kings and even by military personnel at the time. Later, the definition changed a bit and what is known as “culottes” were the bottoms of the garments that seemed skirts but were pants; skirts split in two to allow women to ride bikes in a more comfortable way, that’s where the famous French word came from.

black and white culotte and fur

Having learned a little of the history of this piece, that has been all over the runways and fashion weeks, now we can turn to the perception of “normal” people:

How do I use a “culotte”?

black and white culotte and fur

The truth is, that this initially. raises many questions. Because we don’t know how to wear them, or if they’re ideal or not for our body shape, or how to combine them with other pieces to make them look elegant and chic. The magic is to invest some money and buy a well-made piece with the right shape and good quality fabric. A bad “culotte” can be the worst enemy for your figure.

black and white culotte

The rest is not science! Find a good one in a basic color just to try it. Go for black if you feel more confortable and, as I always say: “Have fun with it”. Like in my last article, you have to choose what you want to wear to be happy and express how you feel everyday!

Explore oversize blouses or even a crop top if your six-pack allows you to wear it! Play with all the color choices that are available in your closet, and choose a loose blouse if you’re tall or a tight one if you’re not very tall.

These are the save tips, but if you know your body, like I do, and you’re short but you love pretty loose shirts GO AHEAD!!! You can look awesome too.

Shoes are the easy part, look either for comfort or for elegance. Whatever makes you happier, high heels or flat shoes.

Culottes are like everything else in your closet: think about your body type, skin color and the occasion you’re going for.

Let’s see how you do it, here’s my look to show you how I did it!

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