Fall-Winter Pieces

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Hi! Everybody! This is my first article! How excited I am, yaay!. I love to write  so this is not hard for me xD. Ok as my first article I wanted to write about fashion, but something according to the season, fall-winter pieces.

I’m a fashion blogger from Guatemala City, and years ago I started this dream searching on internet about last trends, what was new, how can I got cool outfits with pieces that I already own, and for me find articles like this
are so helpful, I love to post outfits that I hope that will be inspo for other people and don’t be like you have to get the exact pieces to look like me.

These are pieces that normally we have in our wardrobe. I want to star with my favorite one,

1. Leather Jackets!

Yes, I mean who doesn’t like leather jackets? Are awesome! And you can wear it with almost everything and in
any season.. ok not so much at summer but almost the whole year.

2. Wool Blend Jackets

They are so In right now, you can see them everywhere, and are so comfy but at the same time formal. You can wear them for fall and winter too, with jeans or formal pants.

3. Leggings

With this cold weather are perfect, if you want to wear your favorite skirt of course, don’t forget you leggings, even with big chunky sweaters and boots or flats are the best piece.

4. Boots

We have at least one pair of boots, they give that touch to our outfit, fall without boots is not fall. You can different styles, ankle boots, over the knee, knee boots, toe ankle boots, etc. You can wear them, with jeans, leggings, dresses, skirts, oversize sweaters and of course pants.

5. Chunky Sweaters

This is my second favorite piece, why? Because they are so comfy, when I think about chunky sweaters I think about hot cocoa, leggings, flats and movies on the tv. xD The most amazing thing is that they are perfect for the cold weather.

I hope this article will be helpful for your next purchases or to create outfits with clothes you already own.
Have a safe and Happy Halloween!! Thank you for check my article and we will read very soon in the next one.

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