A Fake Tattoo App You Need To Download Before Your Next Tattoo

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As I sat in front of my laptop pondering how I could stir up a conversation online, I decided to post a picture of a fake tattoo on my arm. I chose to intentionally misspell my dear hubby’s name, coupled with my knowledge of his intense distaste for poor tattoos, I was ready for the barrage that awaited me. Within two minutes, my phone was ringing with a noticeable seething husband on the other end. I couldn’t do this to him any longer so I told him about the fake tattoo app that I had found online… “InkHunter”.

This made me think… who would download a “fake tattoo app”. Who is their target market? Surely there can’t be such a lot of bored wives out there waiting to prank their hubbies. After conducting further research into this, I found that people can actually use this app to determine the exact location and size of their desired tattoo, as well as get a glimpse into the future as to what the tattoo would look like.

With this app, all one needs to is:

  • Select a photo of the area to be tattooed from your gallery
  • Draw a square smiley on the location where you would like to place the tattoo
  • Either draw your own tattoo of choose one of the saved tattoo templates that contain intricate designs by actual tattoo artists
  • Move and edit the tattoo to your liking
  • Save it and VOILA!!!, you can now “check it before you wreck it”

Getting a tattoo is a pretty permanent decision and this app gives you the opportunity to preview your masterpiece before it is inked. InkHunter is a nifty app that I am certainly going to use before I get my first tattoo.

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