Face Masks: Homemade Or Store Bought

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Using a face mask from time to time is one of those beauty practices that everyone knows can provide a host of benefits for the skin, but only a few people actually do. The question for many is, “should I buy the ingredients and make one from scratch, or should I just buy a pre-made one from the store?”

Both options have their benefits and drawbacks so choosing which direction to go can be a mental tug of war for some. For example, with a DIY face mask, which ingredients should I use and in what proportions?

On the other hand, the number of pre prepared face masks on the market can be overwhelming, so which one should I go with?

This article will help you to make up your mind on which option would be best for you.

Homemade Face Masks

All of the complicated ingredient lists in commercial face masks might leave you longing for simplicity.
Some choose to make their own face makes so they know exactly what is in it, and these masks can be effective; so if you’re a meticulous or picky person, a homemade mask might be best for you.

A DIY face mask can also end up saving you some money and you can get all the ingredients you want to create your own, perfect mixture.

The Good

* Can be cheap if you keep it simple (two to four ingredients). In fact, you probably have a few ingredients in your home right now

*You can use whatever mixture of ingredients you want or need to achieve your goals

*You can experiment with different formulas

The Bad

*It may take you a few tries to get it right

*Can be time consuming and messy

*Storage can be an issue

Pre-made Face Masks

The main reason pre-prepared face masks exist is that not everyone has the time to research and make their own face masks. If you are busy, but also want healthy, natural ingredients on your skin, there are many option available on the market here in 2018.
Activated charcoal masks, for example, have been surging in popularity, and for good reason. Activated charcoal is a natural and effective ingredient used for cleansing the skin deeply, fighting acne and enhancing your natural glow by trapping impurities, literally grabbing onto them and pulling them out of your pores.

Dead sea mud, another popular ingredient, is known for its ability to soothe and exfoliates the skin.

These all-natural masks come at a variety of prices, so there is likely one to suit your needs and your budget as they start for as low as $15 on Amazon.

The Good

Ready made
No learning curve
Storage – just one small tube (or other container) as opposed to multiple containers for the different ingredients.

The Bad

More complex ingredients so potential allergic reaction (but that’s a risk with almost anything, and easily determined by doing a patch test first)
If you’re a picky person, finding one that definitely has ingredient X but not Y can sometimes be tough

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