Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

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If you have brown eyes, you probably have difficulty applying eye makeup because brown is a neutral color and lacks an opposite color on the color wheel. But you are in luck since all colors tend to complement brown eyes to some extent. To help you with your eye make-up, this article compiles some tricks and tips to assist you make your eyes pop.

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Determine the shade of brown

While most eye-shadow colors work perfectly with brown eyes you need to determine what your shade of brown is. If it is dark brown that often passes for black choose colors that are medium to dark. For medium brown eyes you can use close to any color especially green. If they are light brown they go for colors such as light yellow, it will bring out the golden flecks.

Stick to natural and earth tones

When applying eye shadow you need to know there are some colors that will look natural on one person but look obvious on another. For a natural look choose shades that are close to your lip, skin or hair color. For a base color choose an eye-shadow that is a few shades lighter than your skin color.

Simple tips

For a day time eye make-up stick to neutral colors, they make your eyes look bigger and sexy. You can amplify the look by contouring with eyeliner shades so as to give it depth and give a more intense look in the evening. To bring out the spark in your eyes, choose metallic hues and different shades of grey. To achieve a playful look you can consider bright colors such as ocean blue, hot pink or crisp green.

Brown eyed babes out there are lucky because they can play around with eye-shadow color.

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