Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes and Their Effect

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Having blue eyes will let you focus on particular makeup tips that ensure you give the eyes the most appealing look. The following eye makeups bring out the uniqueness and beauty of blue eyes.

Terra-Cotta shadows

This is an eyeshadow that layers your eyelids with a fantastic look. The Terra- Cotta is far much easier to apply and will make your blue eyes stand out.

Copper Shadow

Using a copper shadow is an exciting and fantastic way to decorate your blue eyes. The orange eyeshadow works well at setting ablaze your face. The two color mixture that is blue and orange create an intense contrast that gives your eyes that sensational look.

Bronze eye Shadow and liner

Bronze is considered as a beautiful color. The golden tone balances the cool tones of your eyes. This way your eyes light up giving you that intense look.

Purple Eyeshadows

You can also opt for purple shadows rather than cobalt or emerald colors for your blue eyes. Moreover, the idea that blue eyes can get lost in either green or blue shadows make purple an ideal color for this type of eyes. It provides an explorative look that radiates confidence and adventure.

Eye-Brightening Beige

Blue eyes give you the privilege to use highlighters on the inner part of the eyes to make them appear even more prominent. White highlighters are, however, not recommended for blue eyes because they only make your eyes look dirty and unnatural.

Turquoise Liner and Navy Mascara

A bold turquoise liner is considered more appealing to use with blue eyes. The liners help accentuate the bright color of your eyes. This means that you should avoid using blue shadows or relatively light colors that tend to make your eyes unattractive. Navy mascara is also another shouting color through which you can bring the amazing look of your blue eyes.

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