Everyday Is A Fashion Week!

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When it comes to the fashion month, the excitement goes to the moon and back. Having the chance to see the new season collection and the streetstyle that dictates the rules about what will be trendy is something that you wait all the year.

The main fashion weeks take place in New York, London, Milan and Paris but… they are not the only ones that rule the fashion system. From some years, also other fashion weeks around the globe have the eyes on them and they are bringing out valuable talents and iconic trends.

We can easily say that every day is a fashion week… somewhere!

As you may already understand, I’m devoted to niche things and to everything that is talented but not yet for the mass… you know, the pleasure to discover something or to help it growing is priceless.

So let’s leave the four Capital Cities to their renowned splendours and just focus to the ones that are giving an hard time to them and that are on their way to extend the month of fashion weeks to them.

1. Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Nordic Region’s largest fashion week take place every year in February and August. The sense of fashion of Scandinavian state is really unique and it can be recognize worldwide, where feminine and masculine melt together with harmony and the shapes become soft. The streetstyle past August was really harbinger of trends that were seen after in the four main fashion weeks. Pure avant-garde. A hint of designers that present their collections in Copenhagen? Baum und Pferdgarten, Ganni, By Malene Birger, Designers Remix and Saks Potts.

2. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Days Kiev

During the past years Kiev has become the prolific home of international beloved talents and it can really be named the Capital City of Modern Fashion. Founded by Daria Shapovalova in order to support the Ukranian fashion, the 15th edition was a real success in terms of buyers, collections and press affluence. The streetstyle and the collections presented are of a new generation, you can feel the innovative vibes, the creative process and the innovation. A hint of designers that presents their collection in Kiev? Theo, Navro, Anna K, Flow The Label, Marianna Senchina, WeAnnaBe and Anna October.

3. Tblisi Fashion Week

Tbilisi is steadily affirming itself in the global market and has raised, season after season, the consent of the insider of the sector. Founded by Sofia Tchkonia, the Georgian fashion week is beloved by international magazines like HighSnobiety, Vogue US and WMag due to the fact that it has become the fashion most important event in East Europe. Young designers choose Tblisi to present their collections that mark a big strike in the fashion panorama, if you want to see something really new and never seen before you have to put your eyes on Georgia. A hint of designers that presents their collection in Tblisi? Mariam Gvasalia Lara Quint and Kakhaberi.

4. Seoul Fashion Week

In March and October, the city of Seoul hosts one of the promising worldwide fashion weeks. It is a commercial event with the best designers in Korea and with a section NEXT GENERATION very interesting. Next Generation is a collection of designers who have been working for more than a year and independent brands who have been working for less than five years, and it acts as gateway to the next generation of designers, with their unique perspective and innovative ideas. A hint of designers that presents their collection in Seoul? Supercomma B, Fleamadonna, Blindness and Resurrection.

Which is the fashion week that I presented above that you would like to attend and why? And can you guess where you can see next the Americanoize team?

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