Drink Oxygen

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Not only breathing oxygen, now you can ingest oxygenated water that provides a simple-to-use strategy to get a lot of oxygen into your system quickly for endurance and restoration.

OXiGEN water provides each a standard water bottle or a salinated shot small enough to carry through security or in your workout shorts. Research confirm the stabilized oxygen in OXiGEN™ water accelerates lactate clearance, making for quicker recovery post-exercise. Benefits of increased oxygen also include: improved endurance, improved stamina, greater mental clarity, decreased hangover effects.

Their methodology includes a proprietary O4 molecule—generally known as ASO (brief for Activated Stabilized Oxygen). ASO, invented by an aerospace process management engineer, occurs to fall within the FDA guidelines for dietary supplements and importantly is not compressed gas. This means it could possibly stay in the water, stabilized, for up to 24 months.

A process known as sublingual absorption permits the oxygen to be pulled into the capillaries in the mouth. Additional oxygen is absorbed by the stomach lining. Tissue advantages directly. These aren’t simply claims, but precise scientific processes supported by research on stabilized oxygen. The bottled water is totally tasteless and odorless. The shots, due to the salt, taste a bit like swallowing ocean water.


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