How To Dress Avant-Garde Fashion

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For over a century, Avant-Garde has been pushing limits by redefining what is viewed as acceptable forms of art, music, film, literature, architecture, theater, and even fashion. A radical movement that once had people shaking their head in disgust, it is an acceptable part of today’s culture where individuality is revered and celebrated. Fashion designers around the globe aspire to create Avant-Garde fashions that are as much a work of art as they are covering for the body.

What is Avant-Garde Fashion?

Avant-Garde fashion pushes the envelope. For some people, it is seen as truly bizarre. Others question how function pieces of apparel are with all of their embellishments.

Fashion-forward minded men and women, however, see the statement-making pieces for what they’re worth. They represent the cultural and artistic achievements of designers who would otherwise be shunned by the fashion industry. Rather than give the public cookie-cutter versions of apparel, the pieces that are called Avant-Garde are unique in every way.

How Can I Dress Avant-Garde?

To dress Avant-Garde, you’ll want to start with a body-hugging piece to serve as the foundation for the rest of your clothing. You’ll also want to tell a story using fabric, color, and pattern. With your body serving as the canvas, it’s important that the garments look like they were meant for you not someone else.

You’ll want to make sure that every detail helps create your overall look. If something doesn’t quite work, you’ll need to find a way to cover it, recreate it or nix it altogether.

Mixing and Matching = Perfect Avant-Garde Fashion

Last and most important, don’t be afraid to experiment. Having a variety of materials, colors, and patterns on hand to mix and match is the key to pulling off Avant-Garde fashion like a pro. Even if you have no design skills, you’ll certainly be the talk of the town when people see you dressed to the nines in your unique fashions.

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