The Most Diverse And Inclusive Oscar Nominations 2018 Could Have Ever Asked For

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The Academy Awards are definitely one of the most discussed nights in the world. Covered by any newspapers after its nominees, it is considered one of the oldest ceremonies to celebrate the art of cinematography, and the most prestigious awards any actor of Hollywood dream of. Why should we talk about it so much then? Newspapers will cover it every day for the next few months and we will probably grow bored out of it for the humongous coverage journalists will dedicate to it.

However, as we say goodbye to what most people would call a difficult year for gender equality and human rights around the world, I think it’s appropriate to discuss the 2018 nominees more than ever today. Because not only The Academy has just announced what the nominees for this year are, but also the nominees celebrate diversity and mark different steps in our society that need to be addressed. And honest, we couldn’t be more excited about it.

In the category for Best Directing we got Christopher Nolan for Dunkirk, Jordan Peele for Get Out, Greta Gerwig for Lady Bird, Paul Thomas Anderson for Phantom Thread, and Guillermo del Toro for The Shape of Water. With the not-so-surprising nomination for Nolan, whose films have always been of great interests by the Academy, we have the pleasure to see the fifth black director ever to be nominated for Best Director, Jordan Peele, and the fifth woman director ever nominated for an Oscar, thanks to her splendid work on the independent movie Lady Bird, based on her life and her relationship with art, family, and life.

The category for Best Leading Actor is also remarkable for its nominations. In fact, Timothée Chalamet’s nomination for Call Me by Your Name, makes him the youngest actor since 1939 to be nominated for an Oscar and by winning he would be the youngest actor in history to win the award. In the same category, we find actors like Daniel Day-Lewis for Phantom Thread –who he’s been compared to by his co-protagonist in Lady Bird, Saoirse Ronan–, Daniel Kaluuya for “Get Out”, but also very famous actors like Gary Oldman for “Darkest Hour” and the amazing Denzel Washington for “Roman J. Israel, Esq.”.

But most of all, the nominees for Best Picture shows us the variety of subjects that the Academy Awards are going to cover this year. From “Call Me by Your Name” by the Italian director Luca Guadagnino which it’s the movie that news has been talking about in the last few months for its passionate perception of love and adolescence, to “Lady Bird”, which narrates the coming-of-age story of the director Greta Gerwig; there are remarkable choices in the picking of the movies. They are different from the usual nominees that characterizes the Oscars and not talking about it would not give it justice. In the same category, we obviously have movies like “Dunkirk”, of which budget can be compared to important ex nominees such as Titanic, however the will of The Academy to take into consideration more independent and low-budgeted movies is clear and this is something that I think should be really appreciated.

There are definitely more nominations that I haven’t discussed in this small article, but you can check them by clicking here. I really hope you can see what I see in this era of cinema, which is a more diverse and inclusive form of art than it has ever been before. We can simply hope that the ceremony, which will take place on the 4th of March, will give justice to these amazing nominations that The Academy has just provided us with. But for now, let’s all just go binge-watch most of the movies which were nominated for the Oscars and let’s hope that 2018 can take

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