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We did it for the boy groups and now we’re back with the girl groups version! Let’s be honest: the female game is often funnier, some people think that there’s more choice when it comes to fashion for women, but the truth is that probably these girls love to dare more, and that’s why even if it can be ‘funnier’ the female fashion game is also more tiring. It took us longer than the male version to gather enough pics and names but now the final Top 10 is here and you surely don’t want to miss it! Before starting: try to guess who are the airport best-dressed girls in kpop and let us know if you got anything right. Just remember: this list isn’t in order of preferences but following the alphabet.

BLACKPINK, Jennie. Kim Jennie from BlackPink is the first to appear on this Top 10 and yet someone would probably say that she isn’t first only alphabetically speaking. One of the most charismatic idols out there who not only rules the music world with BlackPink but, with her amazing body features, the fashion games as well!

BLACKPINK, Rosé. Without moving too far away from BlackPink here comes our second pick. Often forgotten when it comes to fashion, to us Rosé is everything but forgettable! Always classy and fashionable she is the definition of elegance in every occasion!

DREAMCATCHER, Jiu. Probably you’ve never heard of her nor the group she’s the leader of and yet she’s one of the best dressed female idols at the airport. Kim Minji, her real name, is a talented and reliable leader for Dreamcatcher who has a face full of cute reactions and doll-like vibes. She loves glassed and hats as much as we love seeing her wearing them.

DREAMCATCHER, SuA. For every person who doesn’t know Dreamcatcher we got one member in this list ( just kidding ). The main dancer, SuA, definitely knows what she’s doing in her professional life, by choreographing Taki Taki which you should totally check out, as well as in her fashion life with her simple casual yet elegant style. You know what they say ‘less is more’ and SuA clearly knows it!

SOLOIST, Hyuna. Everywhere she goes she rules. With Wonder Girls first, 4minute second, Triple H after and as a soloist now, Hyuna is the retro-ish queen the whole South Korea is in love with! A retro-vibe who follows her everywhere she goes, not only at the airport but in everyday life and if your soul is missing the 70s, the 80s and the 90s you should totally check her IG ( @hyunah_aa ).

MAMAMOO, Hwasa. We know you were looking for her and there she is! We might need some more space to talk about Hwasa because of what she’s currently doing. Hwasa from Mamamoo is not a ‘normal’ follower of fashion waves, she creates them while fighting against gender rules. She is known for her battle against absurd south Korean beauty standards who often tend to mock and criticize more curvy bodies. Hwasa talked about how every body-shape is beautiful in its own way and often showed up at the airport wearing few to no make-up. She recently became an hot-topic for some discussion when decided to go braless at the airport pushing people’s acceptance and south Korean beauty standards. We love and celebrate her brave heart as well as officially declaring that this is Hwasa’s world, we’re just living in it.

OH MY GIRL, YooA. Another underrated one, just like the groups she’s part of is YooA from Oh My Girl. With their recent comeback ‘Bungee’ Oh My Girl started to make some steps towards the success they deserve and we’re totally here to celebrate them and their representative in this list. YooA, also known as Yoo Shi-ah, is her group’s main dancer, a vocalist and the face of the group and looking at these airport candids we can clearly see why!

RED VELVET, Seulgi. Probably she’s another one you were looking for… Red Velvet’s Seulgi is undeniably one idol with a well-recognized strong fashion sense. She can rule every style and we’re here for her casual yet unique outfits who can highlight her goddess-like body.

RED VELVET, Wendy. Do you think we could just pass by without mentioning another Red Velvet member? Then re-think because clearly, Wendy belongs in this list. From baggy to slim, from casual to refined and graceful Wendy can pull off every outfit and knows how to rule the airport fashion game and she’ll probably do the same with Red Velvet upcoming comeback: Umpah Umpah, out on the 20th!

TWICE, Momo. Last but not least one of the nine members of Twice! Hirai Momo, better known just as Momo, is a well-known dancer whose talent is already worldwide recognized, so we might as well starting recognizing her incredible fashion sense. Who does not love the way she can make those simple outfits look so refined and polished?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter who your favorite k-girl is. You can prefer comfort over elegance, wearing all-black instead of a colorful outfit, just remember: in a world full of cruel beauty standards be a Hwasa.

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