Different Types Of Hats For Men

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Hats are a classic menswear piece because they are not only functional but also timelessly stylish. Adding a superior hat to your outfit makes a man look stylish and distinguished. Hats not only protect you from the sun and rain but also make you look taller and hides any blemishes you might have on your head. Hats come in different styles and sizes. Learn more about hats in this article.

The panama

It is often light colored with a wide brim. When it comes to the crown style, brim design and ribbons and bands it can be quite versatile. It is often associated with tropical locations because it is light weight and breathable. It is paired with linen or silk based suits.


Fedora has a wide brim and an indented crown. It also has a signature pinch at the front of both sides. The crowns can have different shapes such as tear drop, diamond, gutter or other shapes. There are endless possibilities for the finishing, either ribbon, binding or welt.

Top hat

The top hat is tall with a flat crown and a broad brim. It is often worn during formal occasion especially in the UK. They are often associated with the upper class. It can be paired with a white tire and worn to weddings, race meets or state funerals.



It is a hard felt hat with a rounded crown and a narrow brim and may or may not have a trimmed edge. It is also known as Derby. It was a popular hat in the American West.

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