Diamonds Might Not Be As Great As You Think

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Are Diamonds Great as you think? Apparently not. For a lot of Westerners, a diamond engagement ring is the go-to item for whenever you decide to pop the question. Nevertheless, as a result of years of advert campaigns, the general public believes an enormous quantity of misinformation about these sparkly stones. So let’s shatter a number of of these beliefs, shall we?

Given how nearly 80 % of couples in the US nowadays propose with a diamond ring, you’ll suppose that that is an old tradition. After all, it seems like we have now been doing it forever. Actually, while the giving of a ring is an previous tradition going back to at least the Romans, diamonds are another story. Around 1900, nearly nobody proposed utilizing diamond rings. It wasn’t till the DeBeers mining cartel was fashioned that diamonds got into play. In what was arguably probably the most profitable advertising and marketing campaigns of all time, they linked diamonds with the purity of marriage.

Whenever you consider diamonds, a pile of clear, glittering stones comes to mind. Nonetheless, within the diamond world, these are the cheap stones. Diamonds are available in a number of colours, such as blue, yellow, black, brown, or the most valuable: pink. Nearly all of those are rarer and more expensive than the colorless ones we’re used to.

One other excuse that diamond sellers have for the jaw-dropping price tags on their wares is the “fact” that diamonds are a scarce commodity. After all, if one thing is rare, it’s costly, right? Actually, the one cause that we consider diamonds as rare is because of our previous buddies, the DeBeers corporation. For many many years, DeBeers had a monopoly on the diamond trade and will management what number of diamonds have been produced. This was an excellent technique to create rarity and jack up prices. Many different gems are actually a lot rarer then diamonds. In fact, there are enough diamonds for every individual within the US to get their very own cupful.

We could write plenty of reasons and stories around Diamonds and the question you should ask yourself is: If you want to marry your girlfriend, is a Diamond the perfect stone for the ring?

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