D is for… Democracy in MakeUp

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My interest for this subject became evident the minute I saw my dad arriving for a quick breakfast with his face clearly covered in makeup, I know that my 63-year-old dad is the furthest away from being a conservative but still it felt odd.

I had to ask… “mmm dad, it seems like you are wearing makeup this morning, was your face not too radiant today?”

He laughed and said, “oh that, no, I just ran out of sunscreen and borrowed this that has coverage integrated” and since he has struggled with skin cancer its seemed a very good idea. Honestly, he felt confident and didn’t really seem to care, although with my observant eye I think he looked great except that maybe this type of product was not thought for a man’s skin. So, the conversation began, why it still not as open as it should be? I mean I’m totally aware of the boom that products for men are having now, but honestly, it’s not enough.

I went online to see debates on weather men should wear makeup or not and felt baffled after how many women felt opposed to the idea, and I understand when talking about equality not only as a concept but a reality the world seems like a pretty fucked up place to me it still sucked. But let’s not go there as today’s column is about celebrating men’s right to wear whatever they want without judgements or criticism. So, as a journalist myself I had to go further and interviewed some of the most prominent makeup artists in Latin America. Jonathan Lule Celebrity Makeup artist said,


“It think makeup is for everyone, the goal of it is to feel better about yourself, having fun with it or making a statement”.

Also, Ana G de V, Editorial Makeup Artist stated, “I’m totally on board when talking about this, I love when men take care of their looks, although it’s still pretty stigmatized when they do it. They too care about lines of expression, firmness, dark spots, acne, etc. I like it when its subtle for the everyday grooming, concealer for needed areas, matching out the skin, some powder for the finishing touches and bronzer to give depth to their face. Then we have the heavier makeup look, smokey underlined eyes, eyelashes and lipstick, this is taking a whole new force in 2017. There are makeup artist that make tutorials and model themselves or there are other men who do it just for fun.”


Let’s talk about the gorgeous 17-year-old James Charles who is making beauty history one lipstick at a time. Not only is he the first male CoverGirl but his signature freckled makeup is making a huge impact on the beauty industry today. He is not afraid to show the world that sometimes bigger and bolder is better. She finished off by saying “makeup is for having fun and experimenting, the limitation on gender should be something from the past, we shouldn’t limit talent or expression”. Amen. I completely agree on not limiting the other gender, when they should feel empowered by an amazing ultra-defined gaze too. And when I say democratization of makeup I’m not only talking about women or members of the LGBT community but of heterosexual men who aren’t afraid to look better, so if you are one of those men who are still unsure how to do it, I have a few tips for you. Start off with a skin care line designated for men’s skin, you can find amazing beauty lines like L’Oréal Men Expert according to José Labastida L’Oréal Makeup Designer.

Ana G de V recommends this for men and women “with skincare you can see a difference in the long term this won’t only lead to the need of using less makeup in the future but when you do the products will be smoother to apply”. According to Labastida’s tips covering imperfections and dark circles under the eyes is the next step. “It’s easier to go from less to more, so apply foundation with a sponge with a small quantity of product and from there you can build up”. Next is defining the eyebrows for a stronger look he continues “fill in the blank spots of the brow with brow gel and brush them delicately, a great product for this is Brow Artist Plumper by L’Oréal Paris. Finish off with hydrated lips with a moisturizer stick like Baby Lips by Maybelline for a more natural look.” Lastly let’s celebrate equality for men (in the grooming/ beauty department at least) and their right to wear makeup too.

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