D Is For… Drumroll Please…

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Can you guess which was the hottest fashion house of 2017? There might not be the need of a drumroll in this scenario unless you have no absolute desire to know nor interest in the fashion industry, but I don’t think you would be reading this if that was the case.

So, if Gucci was your first thought to the prior question then you are absolutely right.

The Italian house led by Alessandro Michele tops the list of BoF according to Lyst Index one more time and Balenciaga and Vetements come right after. So, you see, this are the hottest brands and the ones we need to have on the lookout. But the list adds other brands that I would like to see more growth this year like Moncler or the newest hot urban brand Off-White.

But I don’t really want to talk about lists and numbers because if you wanted to read about that I would definitely suggest you enrolled in certain newsletters so you would be on top of it all. I want to talk about the allure of certain brands even influencers (they might be considered brands as well) that have us all excited and even addicted to them all at once.

What is that feeling that they are selling that have us all hooked?

Because if we analyze the hottest-top-selling-aspirational-brands there is always a feeling behind all of them, something that makes us feel, something that is aligned with are values, our dreams and aspirations, and, they have genius marketers making those dreams come true or very genuine and authentic believers expressing their own desires.

Let’s think of Apple for a minute, their mission is not to sell millions of devices every year, their mission is to change the world through technology, so you see a brand that has no other intention than selling their product it’s probably doomed to fail. Living in a society that is all consumer based, we are tired, we want to feel different but at the same time we want to feel like we belong.


Are these brands targeting that void?

I mean with so many options in the market, not only in the luxury one, why do we choose to buy some products instead of others? What is the feeling behind of it all? Of course, this is the part where I talk about my own experience as a consumer and not as a fashion expert. I remember being in Paris Fashion Week almost three years ago and wanting desperately to get my Gucci fur loafers, waiting impatiently in the store while dozens of other clients where being attended I swear it looked like they were giving them for free, that’s when I got the feeling that I was not the only one, that I was a part of a herd that needed and wanted the same product.

It didn’t sit well with me, that was not the void I was looking to fill, so instead I decided to go to another store, buy something that made me feel special at the time. I headed towards Dries Van Notten, a beautifully put store, cozy and genuine and bought the most amazing skirt and dress, and that was what I was looking for at the time. I was not searching to be a part of something, I was searching to feel special, in a more niche sort of way. And that void was filled at the time, obviously later, I bought my well desired loafers, but at an empty store in Mexico City.

I mean, I’m not a lunatic after all. Which are the brands that make you feel special?

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