D is for… Dress Me!

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In the past months, I have been sort of disconnected from the fashion scene so; no magazine reading, no runway analyzing, no trend searching, no (as I love to call it) fashion watching (which basically means going shopping) but put in a more professional-sounding, non-threatening-credit-card- context kind of way.

But I was not too concerned, in the past I sort of became a little too blasé when seeing a collection for the first time. I didn’t get as excited to go to a Fashion Week as I did in the beginning of my career, I was not expecting the Met Gala as if I was expecting a brand-new runway edition Fendi baguette anymore. I mean there where some exceptions of course, I can still remember the chills I got in Chanel’s Cuba Cruise collection; it was the scenery, the weather, the beautiful looks, the tons of people watching the runway from their balcony’s, the magic (but well now not I’m completely way out of topic here).

But I got to that point where I was not really expecting anything anymore. Had my love for fashion suddenly disappeared? I guess not, I think I was just bombarded with so many images, so many references, so many street style shots, so many new products that I became a little too overwhelmed.

You see, when you work in the industry as I bet it happens in other industries too, you can suddenly get saturated even if it’s your true passion like in my case.

But the beauty of my column today is not about how “bored” I was, rather than, how I’m living my re-birth in fashion again (ok, a little too dramatic, but follow my lead). I had a limited amount of options, they were, sitting on my laptop and watching every single collection from fall-winter ready-to-wear 17 to spring-summer 18 or be an outcast of the fashion world forever (still the drama, I can’t help it ok). So, I did the first, I opened my computer and with a deep sigh and started watching every collection. I’m not going to lie, at this point I haven’t seen them all, but getting there, and I’m as mesmerized as I did so many years ago. The first that took my breath way was Johanna Ortiz SS18 collection, you may ask why I started with her and that is a very simple question. I’ve seen the evolution of her career right in front of my eyes, I can still picture one of her first collections presented in Colombiamoda (a fashion fair that takes place once a year in Medellin, Colombia) and how impressed and in love I was with her work. She is a pioneer in the off-the-shoulder, tropical-yet-sophisticated style that now we see in every corner of the fast fashion industry. So, her collection now made me want to scream, please, please dress me! Of course, it would take a big amount of my yearly pay check, but still, I’m in love.

Then I went for other personal favorites such as Delpozo by Josep Font that never ceases to impress me (although I said the contrary a couple of lines above) but the dramatic silhouettes, the perfect color palettes, the amazing put together outfits, the ruffling job right where it needs to be, it is simply out of a dream. Then I visited other of my personal favorites such as Dries Van Noten with easy breezy shapes, the perfect balance between see through textiles and prints and the amazing je ne sais quoi of effortless Parisian chic vibes.

So, as I’m going through all these collections my excitement keeps getting higher and my wonder eye has me figuring out who I’m going to wear this next SS! I’m back! Back in the fashion groove!

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