D is For… Do Over

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So, first of all, I don’t want to be assuming and not introduce myself, I´m very polite – as you can probably tell from my first line – So how to even begin. As I write this I’m still incredulous of what has happened in the last four months. I was living in Mexico City, quit my job and moved to Miami, just for personal growth. I had been working in the editorial industry for about seven years, where I pretty much worked my derriere off, until I became Fashion Editor of Glamour Latin America and then Editor in chief for Marie Claire Latin America. And just one Monday as I arrived at the office, things didn’t click anymore, I had to quit, I needed peace again, and it might sound dramatic but that’s exactly how I felt, in a midst of a crisis.

I was battling with an Eating Disorder and I needed a time out, but let’s not get dramatic, I’ll leave that for another occasion (insert at any moment the rolling eyes emoji). So, I packed my suitcase and landed in Miami pretty much to start all over again. I expected many changes, but what I was definitely not expecting was a morph or an environmental influence in my style.

I’ve always been very fashion forward, creative even so, I was a stylist for a lot of years, and was just too lazy to figure out an outfit when growing up. With my messy hair and a sense of –don´t give a damness- I developed a very particular personal style, basically mixing from everything to everything, specially adopting the high and low trend. And although I was always experimental with fashion, there was a couple of things that were in my big-capital letter NO-NO’S.  I’ll just name a few: ear hoops, nooope, brassier showing all the way hell–to- the-no, two French braids as in a hip-hop dancer, nah-aw, slides, why? And the list keeps on going… but that’s the beautiful thing about do overs, you don’t ever have to be the same, as someone said (attributed to Cushnie et Ochs, but I don’t have the sufficient information to prove it),

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes” and that in a way is my life motto.

(Just so you know if I ever was to be described as “normal” it would definitely kill me, don’t ever do that to me please, are we clear?). Now as I sit in my funky eclectic bed with an overload of “decorative pillows” I’m wearing a tie die tank top, a bright green brassiere showing from every single angle of the room, Adidas Originals sweats, hoop earrings that spell the word “Baby” and a weird braid that I don’t even know how it got there. Think of your favorite Bloggers, It Girls, Influencers, they all have morphed their style, even surprisingly fashion icon, Anna dello Russo.

Let´s remember Chiara’s beginnings or even pre –and-post-Kanye, Kim Kardashian. Now, let’s face it, new beginnings are great, adapting new trends is necessary, morphing your look over and over again and taking some local inspo wherever you go is truly refreshing.

So here is to my new column, and the best of all, to a life full of do-over’s. 

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