D Is For… Diversity

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In so many occasions I’ve debated with friends about the fashion era we would’ve loved to live in. A lot of us would talk for hours whether it be the 70’s (hello Studio 54!) or the roaring 20’s! I mean, being a flapper and dancing your heart out till the early hours of the morning with a
beaded dress and feathers in your head sounds ah-mazing! The conversation would go endlessly, you could see the excitement for every era.

I can recite to you all the fashion benefits (and the downsides) for almost every decade or century. In all seriousness (if there can be for
this topic) imagine having a time machine and being able to experience clothing at every stage of humanity, even when the early sapiens where collectors and hunters, “oh the furs!” or “the coconut brassieres for the vegetarians!” I would say (the last statement being a joke, of course).

The 60´s and the obsession with intergalactic travel and futurist aesthetics or even the XIX century and those amazing corseted ultra-feminine dresses (a lot of feminists would have problems with this last one, I don’t. We are only talking about fashion, not sociopolitical stances). But we never got to actually talk about the present, about what it means to live in today’s world, and all I can say is that we are very lucky, once again only talking about trends here. For almost eight years now, every season I do my own little trend review and my conclusion is always the same, there is something for almost everyone! There are so many designers in the present and each one with a unique view of what fashion means to them, so in some words trends don’t mean as much as they did 20 years ago.

Imagine back in the 80’s arriving to a party dressed in bell-bottoms, striped turtleneck, 2 inch platforms and zero-volume straight hairdo, people would have thought of you as the most pasé-out- of-style person in the room, right? (And now I’m going to get a little more political, agreed?) Today is a whole new different scenario, you can walk into a party and can see literally hundreds of different trends… from a boho-hippy- chic outfit to the most minimalist expression of fashion, and it all makes sense. In today’s world, there is no wrong or right, just personal style.

But there is a whole new level to this idea, fashion has become the new way of self-expression a new way of living through your values. It can go as subtle as wearing something cruelty-free as wearing a t-shirt that reads “Love is Love” or even dressing in a genderless style. That’s what it means to live in today’s world. But not only that, we see much more diversity in the runways, in the collections, clothes to be worn by women with different body shapes and even clothes made for people who have disabilities.

Dries Van Noten’s fall collection presented by women who have walked for him since 1993 demonstrated no ageism, which would be considered one of the issues we have in fashion right now. That to me, sounds like a value based brand. Also, I’m really impressed on how much “social content” clothes have right now.

From Ashish’s collection and shirts that say “You are much lonelier than you think” or “As much as possible, be gentle and kind” or the maximum expression of equality with Erdem’s looks that totally reference the suffragists that fought for women’s rights…

In every corner, you can see how fashion is becoming more and more diverse, and although there are huge steps to be taken when talking about diversity we are getting there. And yes, you may say that fashion has always been influenced by the socioeconomic weather and I agree, but today is way louder, bigger and better.

Back then it was the “elimination of the corset” (extremely important, don’t confuse my point) today it’s a “fuck patriarchy” t-shirt. The same-but- not-the- same, you know what I mean?

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