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Have you ever over used the word in every possible case scenario? I know I have, I’ve called a diva almost every person I encounter with, from a cab driver in Manhattan to a hair stylist in LA, from the concierge in a not-so-fancy hotel to a snubby fashion PR. But have we been missing the true meaning of the word?

According to the urban dictionary it’s “a female version of a hustler”, WHAT? What does that even mean? If this was the definition that I would settle for (which is not) I would be truly confused. If you go google the word “hustler” you’ll find many versions including “an enterprising man determined to succeed; a go getter.” Another entry I found for diva was “a demanding and spoiled woman”.

Now I’m offended, do they mean that the male version of the word is a successful man, versus a woman who is practically a bitch (now I’m just referencing the common slang). Because yeah, we all know that when we refer to a person as such (which it can totally be a man or a woman) we are trying to say that they are bitchy and get away or try to get away with whatever they want in an entitled way, I’m I right? This is how I use the word… if a celeb will not start a cover shoot until she gets an organic matcha latte from the little special store 2 miles away from the shoot in a snow storm, I would definitely call her one. I mean, who does SHE think she is?! (Not that it ever happened to me or anything similar, it’s just an example). But I wanted to dig deeper, I also found out that a Diva references to “a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of opera, and by extension in theatre, cinema and popular music.

The meaning of diva is closely related to that of prima donna”. So, if you truly want to be a Diva, by Wikipedia’s definition you must be extremely talented in the arts world, so the usage of that word in my last scene: totally wrong. Then as I dug even deeper (ok, still in Wikipedia, don’t forget to remind me to donate so I can keep quoting them) I encountered the etymology of the word that comes from latin divus which means someone deified after death, and the Italian word for diva means a female deity, the basic term is goddess or goddess like. I want to focus in the last sentence and transform it just a little bit, by saying talented people who have or will have a true legacy in today’s culture, can we agree on that?  But now I’m just getting to scholar and BORINGGG! So, I’m going to keep making my point from now on.

Basically, in the actual context only a few would make the list. Let say Selena Quintanilla, a personal favorite of mine, was a true idol for millions when she was alive and in today’s world in Latin communities she is still remembered as the beautiful talent she was AND played in every wedding I have ever attended. Or Queen B, she is extremely famous for speaking up about issues that matter + musically she is a genius + and she is way too fabulous for this earth, so in addition she is what I would call an amazing diva, coming from the first true definition I mentioned earlier (a celebrated female singer).

And we could go on and on who or who wouldn’t make the cut. But my final statement, and this comes from my own very personal meaning is that you can treat yourself as a one. In any way, I’m suggesting that you act in an entitled way with anyone, but to actually meet your needs and treat yourself like the true queen (or king) that you are. Giving yourself a little self-care, maybe a massage or a meditation, eating the things you like and how you like them, treating yourself with love and trying to make a positive contribution to this earth.

So, in that last meaning of mine, I will start treating myself as one. Who raises their hand with me?

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