D is for… Displacement

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You know what I’m talking about if you happen to be the eldest sibling in your family. Being used to all the attention, being number one, being the only one around to have the utter final word, until oops, someone else comes along.

Being displaced sucks, but it’s a truth that most humans at some point in their lives unfortunately experience. It could be from a job, from the spotlight or even in the most important role of your life, like motherhood (I mean the kids grow to live their own lives) or your career.

This doesn’t mean by any chance that when you feel displaced you are done, an outsider or less of a success, that is totally not the case, but when or if it happens you must be ready to take the hit to not be number 1 anymore.

In simpler words, specially, when talking about a job, you need to know that nobody is unreplacable (took me some hard life experiences to realize this last statement), that nothing lasts forever, and that this is as common as losing your hair tie (if you are a male, I’m sorry but I don’t have an example for you).

Let’s analyze my theory with some of the trends, people, influencers, pop culture or brands that we would never think they could lose their momentum, because it has happened and it’s happening as we speak. If we go back some 15 years ago, who was the face of every magazine, tabloid and in every single event that was relevant to this world, even before the concept of influencer was born? That’s right Paris Hilton! Totally displaced by the Kardashian Klan. Even Kim herself was displaced (just a little) by her younger sisters Kendall and after Kylie. And even know, they are being displaced by the Gen Z new comers that I haven’t even bother to learn their names (I’m sorry it’s just too much information for my 30-year-old fish brain).

When would you ever thought, (and this question is just targeted to people about my age) that the Spice Girls would cease to exist after some journalists in the UK would compare them with the success of The Beatles (I know it was delusional, ridiculous and absurd) but that was the level of their fame back then. Once again, they were displaced.

So, when talking about these common phenomena there are more recent examples in the world of fashion that we could talk about. Just this week the list of the hottest brands for this past quarter (July, August and September) was published in Business of Fashion. The results? Astonishing yet not quite as unexpected. The uber-hot-italian-firm Gucci lead by Alessandro Michele in the Creative Position was displaced from the crown by nothing less than Balenciaga with its relatively new Artistic Director Demna Gvasalia.  Let’s not forget that Gvasalia is also the lead of the hottest Parisian design collective, that keeps on growing with absolute demand from fashion consumers, Vetements (scored in the 4th place). Although we can’t get fatalistic, because Gucci still managed to be in the second position of the hottest brands.

So, you see, things come and go, they change, they morph, the hottest “include the category” can become the second hottest, or even displaced after a while. Specially, when talking about the complexity of the Fashion industry, and of course their consumers. There is never going to be an eternal “hottest” anything because the meaning of the concept by itself implies change, constant change.

The next time you see yourself feeling a little displaced remember that this is something that happens constantly and that there is nothing to worry about, because the beauty of this total subjective measure is only in other people’s head, not yours.

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