D is for… Discovery

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As I sit to write my weekly column, I can only think about the imminent end of 2017. I can reflect on the many things that happened this past year, all my memories, every struggle, every step forward and everything that has made my year so particular.

I was thinking about writing about drama, but who wants to hear that when we are amid of the Holiday season? At least I know I don’t. So instead, I pictured this whole 12 past months, and the only word that could really describe them, was discovery. First and foremost, I lived in a city I never really pictured myself living in, not even for a second, the city was Miami. I discovered what a wonderful place it is to live in, specially, because of the people I met. I was in a bad situation I’m not going to lie, being in residential treatment (for anorexia, as some of you may already know) has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in my whole 31 years of life. But everything bad comes with a side of meaning, a side of learning, a side of well, discovery. As I stayed a couple of months in a lower level of care, I pretty much lived a normal life, went for groceries, walked around the neighborhood, talked to people, went to events, I even got to host with my best friend a Valentino event in the beautiful store The Webster, one of the insignia places of this city. I experienced how the place is changing, becoming more of a sophisticated habitat, a capital city for art, design and fashion, a place full of chic, tropical and creative vibes.

I saw my best friend become a true poet, not the ones you are familiar with, but a visual poet, one who can express everything about her journey and soul in a single shot, a graphic storyteller (you can follow her on IG) she is from Miami as well (what an amazing coincidence!) I met designers with great and innovative eye, ones who truly understand the concept of uniqueness, from accessories to garments. I truly understood what a vibrant inspiration they have at their feet. I got to discover how a community of united women can build up one’s own path. I never really experienced this before, having the support of amazing women fighting by your side, seeing how people truly care. I realized more than I had before, how lucky I am to have the family I’m blessed with. My husband acted like a true champ despite the fact that he was living in Mexico City and is one of the most workaholic people I know. But most importantly I discovered myself through the layers and layers of unknown that I kept adding through the years. I was living like a zombie.

Discovering one’s self is not as easy as it sounds, we all have learnt how to play the part, how to put ourselves in a role, how to wear masks so people can only see the pretty, most likely building a wall between ourselves and the world, at least this was my experience.  Now as I’m becoming more familiar with my true self, with my inner demons, my dreams, my goals, how I perceive myself, my values and how I act upon them every day, I have realized that I like myself too damn much. Probably you don’t want to hear the details, plus I haven’t become that narcissistic yet. I know this might not be the column you were expecting on my behalf, but that was the only thing I could really write about today.

And as far as you go, I would really like to challenge you to take a moment and discover who you truly are, with vulnerabilities and all, because all I can say is that, that is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and the ones that surround you! Have a wonderful Holiday season!

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