D is for… Dinosaurs

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So yes, today my column is about that gone species that today’s extinct and we remember with a certain nostalgia or if by any chance, we encountered one alive we would be running to save our souls and I wouldn’t be writing this right now and you wouldn’t be reading it (but well, that is not happening so, no worries).

Although I’m not an expert paleontologist or even a slight connoisseur of this scary creatures I’ve been doing some research, I’m going to tell you all about the triceratops and t-rexes of this industry, the work models that if are not gone by now, should be.

I’m talking about those characteristics of certain type of companies and people that are simply as obsolete as our beloved dinos (sorry buddies, I don’t have anything against you I swear).

I’ve had the tremendous luck to work with amazing teams that understand the evolution of today’s work environment, who know exactly how to team play and who know all about collaboration, but unfortunately that has not always been the case. I’ve had a good dose of working in the Mesozoic era (I feel so sciency right now, oh god I need to change my profession, so empowering!) obviously, I’m not going to name any names so don’t even go gossipy on me right now, but I’m going to tell you how it feels like.

As of last week, I was collaborating with a great title, I was happy because it kept me in touch with my fashion training which I have not been doing as often as I would like to, I proudly had it in my social media as part of what I’m working on today and as to my knowledge both parties were content with this deal, it was unfortunate to receive an email saying that I was not authorized to say that I was collaborating with this media, what!? I said, how is that possible? We are working on an era where collaboration is important, in which exchange economy is everything. We should work like this now a day. With budget cuts in almost every industry there is, we need to collaborate with each other more than ever, and should be able to work around this model.

If you have an amazing product yet you don’t have the audience to sell it, collaborating with an influencer or with an opinion leader would be a great exchange, here we need to focus on “the great product” part obviously.

So, to be more precise we need to back up and go about 165 millions of years ago (in fashion years it would be about 10), when these reptiles lived, where the companies managed a very vertical type of management style. If you are not aware, the hottest companies to work in today’s world are all about a horizontal type of work environment. Where ideas come from every angle, where the leader is not necessarily the one with the most knowledge. Also, another attitude that should be gone is the arrogant superb feelings of entitlement, where one is to believe that they are the greatest and no one from the bottom could bring much to the table. Being afraid of your boss instead of respect, having to oblige by certain ridiculous M. O’s, being considered by your looks instead of what’s on your brilliant brains?

All of that should be something from the past, yet we still see it, specially in the fashion industry. I’m sad that this is changing slowly but fortunately enough more and more businesses are adopting this philosophy in which I will always prefer to work. So, if by any chance, you are working in that Mesozoic era and encounter some dinosaurs or worst you are one be ready to run or change because your career is in danger!

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