D is for… Dichotomy

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Daicha wa? If you don’t know what this means, don’t feel bad I didn’t know it either until a couple of months ago, if you do, whoa! Basically, it describes the black and white thinking, the all or nothing approach to life.

I have pretty much lived my whole life in the black and white area and DO NOT under any circumstance recommend it for your daily thinking or actions. I was the kind of gal who could be confused about going to the doctor because of a terrible flu or going to a two-hour spin class the same day, hmmm not so safe after all. But when it comes to fashion, oh that beautiful creature, that fantasy world where all your dreams can come true, where tears become pearls, broken glass become diamonds and blood becomes the inspiration for a fragrance, yeah, apparently, that’s a thing, you can be as dichotomous as you want.

For me fashion is a separate entity from the world (like art or literature) it’s my safe place, clothes become layers to protect me but at the same time symbols of my identity a form of self-expression, a beautiful yet vulnerable perfect space.

This, this is the area when you can go for the all or nothing approach: making bad decisions on an outfit, not terrible, breaking all the “rules” I couldn’t care less, being too minimal, too flashy, too intense too ridiculous or overdressed, it really doesn’t have a consequence does it? (unless you appear in your best friend’s wedding wearing a bride’s dress, then she’ll probably give you the silent treatment for life).

My point being is that over the years a lot of girls have asked me things like, “is it ok to wear big earrings to a day event?”, or “can I use a sequin Baguette for a lunch date?” I’m like YES! YES! Go for it! That’s why some of the influencers that I love to watch are usually the ones that commit to their style or experiment with different trends a 100%. When I see the Beckerman sisters and their outrageous outfits I fall in love with their authenticity, their passion and their carelessness of what people might think of them. It’s a fact that not everyone will like your style unless you wear a dress composed of a 100 USD bills that fall off. So basically, there will always be someone who will criticize or dislike your outfit as Kate Moss once said, “People in fashion can be very bitchy” and I would add in IG too, and won’t even debate the veracity of that statement.

That’s why I love when influencers, bloggers or people in other industries truly commit to a very specific well curated style such as Susie Bubble or Amal Clooney.

But then there are the ones that try every single style and go all the way, still putting a personal touch to the look, such as Giovanna Engelbert or Candelita. I want to see more women who really experiment with fashion, be free, more spontaneous, I want to see magic not the same version of a picture or look. So, we need more dichotomy in fashion, more true inspiration, better curated outfits, bolder moves, more uniqueness and a lot more essence, cause once you discover your relationship with style you’ll feel more confident with it and won’t stay in that boring gray area that you want to avoid.

So, next time I hear the expression “I love your outfit but I could never pull that off”, I’ll challenge you to try what you truly love and walk on a public place for an hour, (unless your faking it of course). Is that a yes!?

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